Yamaha XJR1300 ECU Performance Reflash

Yamaha XJR1300 ECU Performance Reflash




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ECUnleashed PerformanceReflash – Yamaha XJR1300


Yamaha’s retro heavyweight, the XJR1300 has the versatility toperform as a sport tourer, hot rod street bike or even a cafe styletrack bike. However before the XJR can perform at it’s fullestpotential in anycondition, it will require significant performancetuning, optimizing &





 +6-10% Increase In Horsepower &TQ

 Eliminate Factory ThrottleRestrictions

 Increase Rev Limit

 Idle Adjustment – (Race)

 Remove Top Speed Limiter

 Optimized Fuel & Ignition Maps

 Optimize On/Off ThrottleCharacteristic

 Disable Fault Codes (Ex-Up, O2 Sensor,etc)

 Reduce Engine Braking/Improve Decel


Performance BikesMagazine  May 2013 Issue


The 2012 YamahaXJR1300

Tuning the untuneable….


This past May Performance Bikes Magazine, Britain’s premiermotorcycle publication, released an insightful product test &review article revealing the benefits of the ECUnleashedPerformance Re-Flash on one of Europe and Asia’s favoritemotorcycles, the Yamaha XJR1300.

This was no easy task considering the XJR is not yet available inthe US and we were still in need of a test vehicle to finalize theGen 2 file. So once again we turned to the experience &resources of our Global Tuning Network which in turn awarded uswith the opportunity to work with ECUnleashed Tuning Centerand one of UK’s top motorcycle tuning and race-preparationcompanies, Race Engineering, who not only initiated the project butplayed an essential role in everything from dyno testing, dataacquisition, as well as working one on one with the editors over atPB Magazine. The results were stellar and clearly demonstrate thestrength of the Global Tuning Network when it come together on aproject.



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