2009 July

loudbike: A Simple Plan……..

A Simple Plan…….. Somebody should take away my e-Bay account before I get myself in real trouble. Looking back at the Cagiva Gran Canyon project in the early stages, I simply had in mind a bit of a cosmetic restoration, a wheel conversion, a fork rebuild and some minor engine tune-up tasks. And then I… read more »

Motorcycle Suspension Tuning, Sport Bike Suspension Settings & Setup at Sport Rider

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ Home»How To»Suspension Setting Motorcycle Suspension Tuning Sport Rider’s Motorcycle Suspension section showcases articles about how to setup and tune your motorcycle suspension. Learn the correct settings for motorcycle shocks, damping rod and cartridge forks, fork spring rate and preload, high speed vs. low speed rebound damping and more. http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ Suggested Suspension Settings Sport Rider’s… read more »

AutoRacing1.com – Editorial Page

Suspension Compression Damping (1)damping adjuster (2)punch marlr (3) reference punch mark To adjust to the standard position: l. Turn the damping adjuster ( 1) clockwise until it will no longer tum (lightly seats). This is the full hard setting. 2. Turn the adjuster counterclockwise approximately I 1/2 turns so that the punch mark (2 )… read more »

Riding plan from Star School

get yourself together comfortable in gear comfortable on bike Honda pegs body position mirror in the garage video isight pivot around gas cap ball of foot on peg outside forearm on tank forearm parallel to ground head up from back straightened not rounded/humped shoulder pointed head off centerline of bike riding always off the center… read more »