Yamaha XJR 1300 exhaust modification

Yamaha XJR 1300 SP exhaust modification

I recently bought a Yamaha XJR 1300 SP, but was very disappointed with the
exhaust sound, I personally don’t think that muscle bikes should be that quiet.

Having looked all over the internet for any exhaust modifications and not
finding any, I decided to take the risk and try one myself, so here is how
I got a much better sound from the bikes standard exhausts in 3 easy steps.

1 = Drill out the 3 rivets in the end of each exhaust, this allows removal
of the outer end plates.

2 = Once you have removed these plates you will be left with a blank plate
with three little holes in it where the rivets used to be.

3 = Now take a “half inch” drill bit and drill a total of 6 holes in
each pipe around the same distance as the small rivet holes are from
the outside of the pipe (DO NOT widen the holes where the rivets used
to be as you will need these if you ever want to put the outer plates
back on), I personally drilled 2 holes between each of the rivet holes.

And thats it!, I think the exhaust note is much better/louder, but not deafing
and the outer plates can be replaced and held in place by self-tappers or even
riveted back in place to cover the holes if you don’t like the sound.

Oh one last thing, get yourself some heat resistant paint and paint the ends
of the pipes, I did mine in black.

PLEASE NOTE:- I will NOT accept ANY responsibility for any damage caused to
your exhausts or bike should you decide to follow this modification, you do
it entirely at your own risk!

Since doing the above modification my bike has covered an extra 8,000 miles
and been to my Yamaha dealer for servicing and everything was found to be
running just fine with the modified pipes.

Mick – Webmaster of BBD’s Motorcycle Links.