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David B. Subject: METAL Fuel tank fittings

To: Cagiva_Gran_Canyon2@yahoogroups.com

“Better yet, get METAL ones for a buck more that won’t ever break…

The SOURCE of the fuel fittings is Colder Products Company (CPC), www.colder.com. They make a chrome plated brass version of the elbow that is fully compatible with the acetal plastic ones.

McMaster Carr supposedly carries the metal ones, but I sure can’t find the metal elbows in their catalog. If you want to get some of the acetal plastic ones, they are McMaster-Carr part number 5923K83 and cost all of $8.13 each.

CPC part number LCD10004 is female in metal $9.82 (12/2005)

LCD23004 is male elbow in metal $9.53 (12/2005)

If you can’t have a local supplier using Colder’s website,

call Fiero Fluid in Arvada, Colorado 303-431-3600

Credit card via phone and UPS shipping.

However, all of these fittings will come with buna o-rings that MUST be changed to Viton. The guy from Colder Products said to lube them with Vaseline when you plug in the inserts. The o-rings for the inserts are industry standard number AS568-011, which is McMaster 9464K16. He said you’re not supposed to ever need to change the o-rings in the receptacles and if you scratch them, they will no longer seal. I told him I had already changed mine and they don’t leak. He said they are AS568-011 which is McMaster #9464K13.

If you’re ordering from McMaster, get a packet of VITON o-rings for gas tank caps… 2″ x 1/8″.