Re: 900ss build list

Subject: Re: 900ss build list
Date Received: Friday, September 12, 2008 12:42:43 PM
Date Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 12:42:43 PM
From: brian pierson <[email protected]>

Hey Guerin,

How are you? My 900ss has 20,3?? miles on it. However, I am still riding the bike so it may go up a little. I bought it last winter with 1309 miles on the clocks. The old owner Dan Harris had his brother Andy Harris @ Moto Forza rebuild the motor with all of the trick parts about two years prior. I was told that this was around 10k miles. However, there was no paper work for this. Since the time of purchase, I have torn the bike to the ground and installed all of the best components money can buy. Nick @ flight cycles did the valve adjustment and replaced the timing belts around 14k miles. I own a parts business parting out old Ducs and I have contracts with Mad Duc, Nichols, and Speedy moto. I have spent a fortune in new pats for this machine, as well as taking the nicest parts off of each parts bike for it. This is my favorite bike. However, to my amassment the only calls that I have received for my 996 is for people wanting to trade me crap. As for the build sheet. I can fax you a proper one. The built is as listed.

High Comp pistons, Nichols fly wheel,studs, motor mounts, crank breather,Dyna coils,Kehin 41mm flat side carbs, K&N pod filters, custom aluminum batt box, no air box, 1/4 turn throttle, Cycle Cat bar risers, updated master cylinders, pazzo shorty leavers, evolutione slave cylinder, steel braided lines, high mount oil cooler kit, Ohlines rear shock, DP rear sets, Carbon mud guards, forza pipes, Corbin seat, forks have been re-sprung with Race Tech internals for 200 pound rider, Paulimoto clutch and front sprocket covers, and signed by Cook Neilson!

Even though this bike is built to the hilt it is bullet proof reliable. I ride it about 4 days a week as it is my main steed. If you were @ Laguna Secca you may have seen it on the Island.

I am firm on my price of $6500. If you are interested you may come buy and take it for a spin. This is one of the nicest Carby 900ss that you will ever find. The only imperfections are some minor scratches on the fuel tank caused by my tank bag and Dan had frame sliders on it that I have since removed. However, the fairings still have the wholes for them. I believe that I still have the sliders if you want them. Thanks for replying to my post and keep it on TWO!

Brian Pierson

E.M.P. motors