Ducati Digest, Vol 48, Issue 23 — need more action

greetings earthlings,

Alec – quarter inch thick, two inches wide, five and a quarter inches long,

shaped nicely, hard anodized aluminum. Locate clutch side peg bracket forward

and down, just enough clearance at exhaust and clutch housing.

Go to photobucket.com and put ‘right footpeg bracket’ in the search box, do

the same using ‘left footpeg bracket’ for the other side.

Hopper – bought headlight trim frame, attached to headlight frame (slightly

enlarged), silicone sealant applied as needed, stock rubber gasket still fits

between fairing & headlight, though not shown in photo.

Go to photobucket.com and put ‘hella 201’ in the search box. Repeat with

‘hella 202’ and ‘hella 203’. Photos are less than perfect.