gran canyon fuel line leaks

Subject: Re: [Cagiva_Gran_Canyon2] GC general info or parts is parts
Date Received: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 9:32:20 AM
Date Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 9:31:58 AM
From: Russell Mcfarland <[email protected]>

I’m glad to see that the lever poster figured out our bikes use very common Kawasaki / Nissin master cylinders . There are lot’s of lever options , also rebuild parts for the hydraulics are readily available. Another Kawasaki part that has worked great for me is the mirrors from the ZRX1200 ( naked Lawson style bike ) . They are very high quality, black in color and the stems are long enough to see around my shoulders without moving around on the bike . The Nissin front calipers on our bikes use the same seals , pads , etc as the non ABS Honda ST1100 as well as others .

My bike deveoloped “the” fuel leak this past summer and what I found was degraded thread tape where the fittings screw into the tank . I removed all 3 , resealed with liquid pipe sealant , the white stuff from Permatex , mine was an old tube from Caterpillar , but as long as it’s fuel resistant by Permatex it works great . I did replace the o-rings while there , but the real issue was the tape , it peeled out like big globs of snot , problem solved .

Just my 2 cents worth on some common issues , may we all have a great 2010 with many miles on twisty roads . Same wishes to you folks with knobbies mounted up , but that just ain’t me , I’d hate to drop that heavy thing in the mud 🙂

Have fun … John Goodwin , Asheville .

I changed my fittings back in 1/06. I ordered from Omega: FT-LCD230-06 (brass coupling insert,elbow w/ hose barb) and FT-LCD100-04 (brass coupling body, 1/4 NPT male) and no problems…… I meant to add, the LCD230-04 has a 1/4″ID hose barb where as the LCD230-06 has a 3/8″ ID hose barb. I think both will mate to the LCD-100. I chose the 3/8 ID to match the fuel line ID.


Chris, Thanks for clearing up my confusion. I’d been so focused on the threaded part that I hadn’t realized the barb was the wrong size.

I just checked and the LCD230-06 is the correct part # for the barbed piece. You are correct that the 04 and the 06 barbed elbow fitting will mate to the 04 threaded piece.

Fortunately, I hadn’t returned the 06’s.Pete,

Glad it worked out for you. I don’t know where the -07 # you saw came from (it doesn’t exist on omega site). I hope the data base gets corrected.