loudbike: A Simple Plan……..

A Simple Plan……..

Somebody should take away my e-Bay account before I get myself in real trouble.

Looking back at the Cagiva Gran Canyon project in the early stages, I simply had in mind a bit of a cosmetic restoration, a wheel conversion, a fork rebuild and some minor engine tune-up tasks. And then I started looking at late-model 900SS motors on e-Bay. Scrounging around Brad Black’s site and whatever specs I could get my hands on, I came to understand that the motor as delivered made some pretty low HP and torque numbers that reflected the use of what were essentially 750 Monster heads with very conservative cams. The resulting experience is a machine that needs a 45 tooth rear sprocket (as opposed to the SS’s 39 or 40 tooth) in order to deliver enough oomph to make the bike practical. And this means that the bike is howling away at almost 6,000 rpm at highway cruising speeds.

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/The post 2000 Super Sports on the other hand, have excellent cams, big valves and a much more efficient (bathtub) combustion chamber that deliver almost 16hp and 7ft/lbs more than the GC counterpart in something close to stock trim. Plus; it’s just a cool idea… So, I started trolling e-Bay for a donor motor back in August of this year.

From all the alcohol and drug abuse that I put my body and mind through in the 80’s, I’m now stuck with the requirement to sleep medicated (trazadone) and this means every morning I wake up with a moderate hangover and the usual morning routine sees me banging back at least two coffees while I cruise a variety of boards, blogs and of course