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  • FAQ: “Snake Oil”

    08-27-2006, 06:26 PM

    Below are mods that have been discussed. The first section are mods that have been debated – some think it's worth it/works while others say it's not worth it/doesn't work. The second section are mods that you should not waste your money on.

    =Misconceptions / debated subjects=

    Is the mod worth it? You decide.

    Hood liner

    Many CEGers remove it to reduce heat soak and keep the engine cooler. Some thought it was there to put out potential engine fires…(Keep in mind some Contours did not even come with hoodliners.)

    Intake pipe

    Smoother / more air vs. heat retention.

    Created by SP Motorsports, the misconception is that it provides horsepower. Per Joe of SP, the intake pipe is purely aesthetic. Yes, it smooths air flow, but the pipe itself retains a lot of heat for a long time. The CTA pipe is larger in diameter, so it does allow for more air flow.

    Intake pipe 2

    Traditional straight vs. curved (Custom Cougars style)

    SVT UIMs differences?

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    =Not worth your money=

    Electric Supercharger

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    Ebay mods

    Cheap resistors, chips, modules that claim “good for 20+hp!”

    Ram air

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    Search for “ram air”

    “Tornado” / “Vortex”

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