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  • ==The following goes beyond your basic bolt-on modifications==

    =Turbo/Supercharger Kits=

    See Forced Induction sticky thread.

    =Chips/Tuning Services=

    Nautilus Performance

    =Headers – install & info=


    Gutting pre-cats How-to (on car) w/ pics

    Weapon R discussion

    Search for: MSDS, Weapon R, MSDS AND install


    SVT 19lb injectors will support 225-240 FWHP

    =Optimize stock y-pipe=

    How-to on Main site

    Use Search to find threads like these:



    =True dual exhaust=

    Discussed many, many, many times.

    Search for: true dual

    =Cylinder Heads=

    Ported and polished 2.5L & 3.0L heads FAQ

    www.pnpheads.com or contact kinger

    =Valve Springs=

    -Mondeo ST220 rated @ ~163 according to DemonSVT. (Stock are rated at 153. Part #2S7Z-6513-AA)

    =2.5L and 3.0L Pistons=

    -Sealed Power

    -Diamond Pistons

    -Ross Racing 8.5:1 pistons (3.0L only) www.draxas.com – Contact Nikolas @ Draxas on availability

    =2.5L & 3.0L Connecting Rods=

    -Pauter www.pauter.com

    -Cunningham www.cunninghamrods.com

    =Performance Waterpumps/Thermostats=

    -Craig Davies Electric Waterpump and Controller which eliminates the cam driven waterpump. www.batinc.net

    -160 degree Thermostat

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