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Replica Harris Yamaha TZ350 GP Lowline Special Frame Kit

We have delivered a number of these frame kits over the last two yearsand the customers are very pleased with the product. We have also beenasked to supply a list of other engines capable of being fitted intothis particular frame. At this time we have determined that all theair-cooled Yamaha R5 and RD series engines, plus the air-cooled TD andTR racing engines will bolt directly into the chassis in addition tothe TZ 250/350 up to F/G models.

The RD 350 LC ’81 and ’82 engine, and the ’83 to ’89 US model RZ 350(European RD 350 LC YPVS) engines, will also fit the frame with newengine mounts supplied.

Following are photographic details of two CMR kit bikes, complete with a step by step assembly of one of them.

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These pictures show the tank now resting in itsplace on the rubber frame mounts (supplied). It is held in place by twopull down straps(supplied). These straps are new original Yamaha parts.
Here are two more pictures showing the Yamaha pull down straps in place.
Now all we need is the engine and this will start looking like a racing bike.
These pictures show the engine and carbs installedand the cooling system hooked up. A new Vesco-style fiberglass frontfender has also been fitted.
Here the stock Yamaha TZ350 seat has been fitted,and the footrest assemblies. The footrest plates are aluminum 6061-T6and are available upon request when ordering a kit. We have found thatTZ riders come in all shapes and sizes, and adjustable footrestpositions are a welcome addition.

This bike is fitted with Dave Swarbrick’s latest expansion chambers for this model ( They came as a kit and have been installed by CMR Racing for maximum clearance.

Also shown fitted is the optional under-slung rear brake caliper and brackets.
These pictures show the brand new Vesco-style 3piece fairing plus windshield finally installed. There’s lots ofclearance for levers and legs.
The decals have been installed and we can now rollthe completed CMR Replica Harris Yamaha TZ350 GP Lowline Special out ofthe shop.
We were instructed by our customer to have thefinished bike dyno tested to ensure it was set-up and ready to go toDaytona. Sandy Noce of Pro-6 Cycle in Toronto is our host. He is seenhere with the bike during the tests. Visit Sandy and his team at they do an excellent job for many racers both vintage, classic and modern.

This picture shows the completed bike being delivered in February 2008. Yes, that is a genuine Canadian snowbank as a backdrop.
Here CMR Racing Products owner Denis Curtis on theright is delivering the completed bike to customer Mr. John Walters.It’s cold in February in Ontario, Canada! The bike was due to leave forDaytona.

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