What should you watch out for when buying motorcycle jeans?

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Title: What should you watch out for when buying motorcycle jeans?
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If, instead of leather or textile pants, you buy motorcycle jeans that have been specially developed for cycling, you get a more stylish, uncomplicated and relaxed look that will guide you through the day. Whether you’re commuting to work or hanging out with friends in the pub, you don’t have to change your outfit.

New additions to the jeans-for-biker market are coming fast and tight as manufacturers refine their designs and come up with new safety improvements. There has never been a better time to shop for biker denim, but with so many choices, finding the right pair for you can be difficult.

There are safety ratings, certificates and armor to consider, as well as style, comfort, construction and protection. The very best motorcycle jeans have it all, and the holy grail ends with your favorite jeans that will save your skin on your bike too.

To help you with your search, we have teamed up with Ian Wilson, Director of UK motorcycle jeans brand Roadskin, to bring you a complete guide to buying motorcycle jeans.

One-, two- or part-layer structure?

Not all jeans are the same and the construction of riding jeans can change the comfort and protection in the saddle.

Single-layer jeans have an outer layer made from a mix of cotton denim and abrasion-resistant materials such as Kevlar to ensure abrasion resistance. They’re often lighter and more comfortable than double-layer jeans in warmer temperatures, but the tradeoff is often lower slip protection compared to double-layer jeans, which we’ll get to in a moment.

However, there are some high-quality, high-end jeans that do extremely well in abrasion resistance tests. They won’t come cheap, but they are definitely worth it if you want to wear your jeans all day.

In comparison, double-layer jeans have more of a conventional outer denim layer with a separate inner lining made exclusively of abrasion-resistant materials. Compared to single-layer jeans, this inner lining offers impressive abrasion resistance as it does not have to be mixed with cotton denim. Be aware, however, that the extra layer can be a bit bulky, heavy, or hot in warmer climates.

You can also buy partially lined jeans, which means single-ply in most places, aside from an additional abrasion-resistant lining in key impact and abrasion zones like knees and thighs. This focused approach to protection ensures that you’re protected where you statistically most likely need it, but it still leaves you more vulnerable in unprotected areas and can make jeans look a little lumpy.

Which substance is used?

The best motorcycle jeans are the ones that you can’t tell are motorcycle jeans. Despite high-tech fabrics and pockets for slim armor, they will look like cool, conventional denim jeans, in all common colorways and cuts.

The main differences between regular jeans that you would buy on the high street and motorcycle jeans are the safety fibers that are knitted together with the denim cotton or in a separate layer to create abrasion resistance, as well as the seams and seam strength that the the Holds jeans together in an accident.

One of the most famous abrasion-resistant fabrics for jeans is Kevlar, a heat-resistant, super-strong synthetic fiber. There are many different fabrics and blends, some manufacturers develop their own fibers, but once everything is put together, a CE certification must be observed.

The most abrasion-resistant fabric is only as effective as the seams that hold everything together. So watch out for double or even triple stitching on the seams to make sure the jeans don’t pull apart.

What do the safety ratings of armored motorcycle jeans mean?

Since 2018, every motorcycle clothing sold has been classified as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and must be certified and tested by an independent body.

The CE tests categorize clothing from AAA (highest) down to C. When it comes to bike jeans, one looks pretty closely at the top three categories of abrasion resistance: AAA, AA (suitable for touring) and A (suitable for urban riding).

All motorcycle protective clothing, including Kevlar jeans, is tested using the Advance Abrasion Resistance Tester (AART), also known as the Darmstadt machine, which simulates the effects of a fall on concrete from a bicycle traveling at speeds of 100 to 100 km / h target.

The ARRT takes samples from three key impact zones of the garment, the areas that are expected to bear the brunt of an impact or slide during an off, and spins them at a set speed until they hit a concrete slab, where they slow down become a stop. The test determines impact resistance, including pitting, tear, friction and wear resistance, to determine the final rating of the jeans.

It is absolutely essential to check the overall rating of jeans, not the denim rating in isolation, to ensure you are getting the protection you need as they are not necessarily the same. In the overall assessment, impact protection, seam strength and overall construction are rightly taken into account.

The importance of armor in bike jeans

The vast majority of riding jeans contain pockets for removable knee and hip armor. It is very important to wear armor with jeans, not only to protect your bones, but also as an extra layer for abrasion resistance in key areas. These impact protectors are rated either CE Level 1 or 2: Level 2 absorbs most of the impact.

Look for sleek, flexible armor that you can move about freely and that won’t make your jeans look bulky or weird, especially if you plan to wear them in a casual setting.

Knee pads should also sit securely in the front and top of the knees, so look for jeans with adjustable armor positions and secure pockets that won’t let the armor slip when you step off the bike.

What makes Roadskin Bike Jeans the best on the market?

Roadskin is one of the UK’s leading brands in protective motorcycle clothing and all of theirs Motorcycle jeans with armor as standard. Roadskin bike jeans are also available at competitive prices as there is no middleman and bikers are encouraged to buy directly. Here are his bestsellers:

Paranoid AAA motorcycle jeans

That Paranoid is the toughest and most protective winter motorcycle jeans from Roadskin. Premium cotton denim forms the outer layer and the inside of the jeans is fully lined with 340-350 g / m² military-grade para-aramid to ensure Roadskin’s highest safety rating for all jeans.

Because of their thickness and warmth, they are suitable for driving in colder temperatures. Despite their truly impressive AAA-CE rating, they look like regular jeans, with a sharper, tighter fit that reduces movement of fabric and armor in the event of a road impact. Roadskin recommends them for all types of journeys: city, country and highway.

Easyrider AA cycling jeans

That Easyrider is a single-layer, lightweight jeans made entirely from a mix of 60% cotton and 40% Kevlar and Roadskin’s recommendation for bikers who are casual all day long Motorcycle jeans for British summers and hot climates.

A very light, strong, smooth mesh lines the inside of the jeans and acts as a barrier between the skin and the reinforced denim for comfort when riding or walking around.

City A cycling jeans

That City jeans for motorcycles are Roadskin’s proposal for urban driving and urban living – stretchy, cool and comfortable. These slim-fit biker jeans for men and women are available in black and blue.

In terms of protection, they feature level 2 armor on the hips and knees, as well as Roadskin’s soft, lightweight mesh lining that will keep you cool on hot days.


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