The part number for the rotors is 55-700…

The part number for the rotors is 55-70049-19. I also used spiegler

brake pads, that number is CL2256SBK3. But note that the rotors are

not a direct bolt on. You need to remove about 6mm from the brake

caliper bracket on the inside (the part of the bracket that faces the

outer side of the rotor) to clear the rotor buttons.

Ok, rear bearing is 6004-2RSR-C3, you need a total of 4, 2 in the wheel hub, and 2 in the sprocket carrier. For fronts you need 6005-2RSR-C3, you need a total of 2, one on each side of the hub. Genericly they are 6004s, and 6005s rubber sealed both sides.

Just bought new bearings from MOTION INDUSTRIES, a national bearing


Front – 6005.2RSR.C3 – $15.59 ea

Rear – 6004.2RSR.C3 – $13.78 ea

Brand is FAG

Part number decoder:

6004 / 6005 bearing size

2 RSR means steel reinforced rubber side seals both sides

C3 means additional lateral clearance

Also, to help plan the service, let it be known that there are 4 rear

bearings (2 in the sprocket carrier and 2 in the rear hub). And there

are 2 in the front hub. Dave R.

I just changed the cam belts a few weeks back. It is not difficult at all. You do not need any special tools other than a metric allen bit socket. I believe it is an 8 mm, but am not sure since at the time I did not have and was able to use an equivalent Torx bit. You do also need a torque wrench.

Below are two excellent sites that provide everything you should need on how to.

As for the new improved belts, the red writing indicates that the belts have Kevlar reinforcing. I found that my 2000 GC already had the red writing on them.

I found a copy of the article online. It’s been

scanned and isn’t super-high-quality but I think it’ll

help you.

Step 3 on page 2 of the article is the tip I was

talking about. Using 4, 5, and 6mm allen wrenches you

can check and adjust belt tension.

While searching for the MCN article, I found a more

complete article focusing specifically on belt

tension. At the end of the article is a link for belt

replacement. This seems very good. Hope it helps.

I just replaced my fuel filter with Cagiva PN# 800088585

I have about 10000km on the Ferodo pads. I have the

FDB664P (Platinum) on the front and the FDB631ST

(SinterGrip) on the rear. They work well and have

good modulation.

On the rear, I used EBC pads, part #FA165X. On the front, I also used


part #FA142.

We have a *superb* Ducati/Cagiva mechanic that has just relocated to

Columbus, Ohio. He has not yet set up shop but can do valve

adjustments/tunes as long as you have a place for him to work. He is

working towards a shop. He has years of Ducati experience and now

the GC side also.. His work is that of an aircraft technician..

My GC now idles like I never heard it idle before and as for running,

well, it is going to take me weeks to get the grin off my face.

His name is Lajos Silberstein and reachable via e-mail

[email protected]. Frankly, his level of work is worth a drive from

quite a good distance, IMHO…

Galfer FD108

Platinum super grip FDB664P

Sinister grip (racing)FDB664ST


FA142HH (too hard)

Spiegler CL2256SBK3

Sbs 627HS (95-98 Honda CBR F3 600)

I got my 16T front sprocket from Jim Koenig at Letko

Cycles in Kansas City. Phone # 913.334.2410, fax #

913.334.0881, or Cost was $50.

PAINT CODES: framework color: PPG GREY