DUCATI May5, 2011 postedby Dan


Guest Post: 1992 Ducati 907ie

I used to own a 1992 907ie, and really miss it. I have a standingsearch on eBay for this model, and this is one of the best I haveseen in 2011. The listing is supplied by the original owner, andthe bike has under 1,100 miles. He states he puts about 100 milesper year on it. Tires and battery are less than two years old.

1992 Ducati 907ie For Sale on eBay

Ducati 907ie For Sale

Unlike most Ducatis of the time, this is a square-tube framed bike.The frame is quite ugly, but the body work makes up for it. Themotor is the familiar L-twin with belt-driven cams and thedesmodromic action. The unit on the 907 is two-valves per cylinder,and it is fuel-injected and liquid cooled.

I can tell you from experience these things are super sweet toride. They have about 75 HP at the rear wheel, and rev to about9,000 RPM before hitting the limiter. Even though they're 20 yearsold, the suspension is very sporty, providing plenty of groundclearance (though I would never take one to a track). It is a bitheavy at about 500+ pounds, but you don't much notice it, and thebrakes are excellent. The stock seat gets tiresome after 150 miles,but Corbin still markets a replacement.