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Race Replica Nirvana: 1991 YZR500 Replica (RZ500)…..And It’sLegal!

Race Replica Nirvana: 1991 YZR500Replica (RZ500)….And it's Legal!

Update11.11.2011: Back on eBay but with newpictures and a lower purchase price. eBay indicates the lastauction went in the $27k range. Thanks to everyone who emailed thatthis one was back online. Links updated but new pictures can befound with the auction. -dc

Did you do a double take? WayneRainey might have to look closely to make sure something with twowheels isn't missing from his house. We've had a couple of topshelf replica builds on RSBFS and each one seems to get better.This one should be hard to top.

The YZR500 replica bodywork reallymakes the bike. According to the seller they are an exact copymolded from a set off a YZR500. Nice! Bodywork can be a real painin the behind when trying to make your project look like somethingthat rolled out of a factories R&D department.

Yep, it has been rebuilt andbreathed on.

Take a breath, here are thedetails

As a young impressionable man growing up, I have very fond memoriesof watching the Moto GP 500cc two stroke Grand Prix racing. Thefastest riders in the world on the fastest machines. Kenny Roberts,Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Kevin Schwantz. It was a special timein racing. My fist bike, a 1984 Yamaha RZ350 was as close as Icould get to those incredible machines. Yamaha, of course, neveroffered the YZR 500 to the public. It was the pinnacle of theirrace technology.

About 5 years ago I began the project of building a replica of the1991 Yamaha YZR 500, as raced by the great Wayne Rainey. No expensewas spared in this incredible build. What does it take, besides big$$$, to complete such a build.

First and foremost, I commissioned master bike builder andfabricator Wyn Belorusky for the build. Wyn can fabricate justabout anything out of billet aluminum. In addition, he built forhimself a YZR500 replica which has been featured in severalmagazines internationally.

The Build began:


Finding a titled frame was not easy, but patience pays off. A realJapaneseRZV500 frame, whichis the lighter aluminum versionof the RZ500 steel frame offered elsewhere. 11 digitVIN, titled inFlorida, in my name. The sub frame has been modified byWyn. He installed custom billet Y supports, eliminating the stocksub frame bracing to clean up the rear of the bike for use with YZRbodywork. After all machine work was complete, the frame wasfreshly powder coated black.

AprillaRS250 gull wing swingarm. This is an ideal choice, havingthe same length as the stock RZV swing arm, with the look of theYZR 500. Extensive modification was performed by Wyn to fit thisswing arm to the RZV frame, shock linkage, and rear brake hanger.Once fabrication was completed, the swingarm was also freshlypowder coated black.


Wilbersrear shock, with ride height adjust and removereservoir.

Wyn also fabricated and installed a separate billet adjustable rideheight linkage strut for additional adjustment. New Ohlins steeringdampener, custom fabricated mount by Wyn.

2007 R6 forks, modified lower triple tree to accept a RZV500steering stem for installation. 2007 R6 wheels front and rear.

I have a small fortune in the brake setup on this bike; Brand newbillet Brembo frontbrake calipers, custom braided brake lines front and rear fromYoyodyne, New Brembo Radial front master cylinder, R6 rotors frontand rear, R6 rear master cylinder and caliper.


I started with a complete low kilometer stock RZV500 motor, benchstock from Mr. Belorusky, thank you very much. The motor was cratedand shipped to Martin Marino ofMadmann Engineering. Along withthe motor I purchased and supplied a complete Brand New Yamaha OEMtop end, Brand new Yamaha RZV500 cranks, new clutch, and new OEMYamaha gaskets. Martin did a full high performance build withmostly brand new parts to work with. His porting, milling, andmodification to the reed cages makes these motors come alive! Checkout his link.

It's set up for premix in its current state per Martin’srecommendation. I have an oil reservoir and set up to run the oilinjection, which will be included in the auction, should the newowner wish to run the injector. It can run safely on 93 octane, butthe motor does like the race gas. Additionally, brand new mikuni28mm flat slides were purchased and installed, along with K&Nindividual filters, and new throttle cables. The motor makes greatpower, is jetted just a little rich to be on the same side (I’m atsea level in Florida) and runs cool. The stock RZ has a habit ofthe rear cylinders running hot. Rick Lance added an accessoryradiator to allow additional cooling of the rear cylinders


Jim Lomas stainless steel GP chambers, with carbon fiber canisters.Built to order in Czechoslovakia, the quality and workmanship isamazing. The sound, weight savings, and performance are equallyimpressive. Wyn did a beautiful job in modifying the exhausthangers on the pipes to fit with the new swing arm, and the upperpipes were gently molded to slightly point inward to replicate theupper YZR pipes on Rainey’s bike


Many years ago, Wyn was fortunate enough to borrow a set of REALYamaha YZR bodywork from a 1991 works bike, just long enough tomake molds. Genius! From these very molds comes the bodywork on mybike. It’s the real deal. The custom brackets Wyn fabricated formounting the bodywork is nothing short of artwork. Additionally,all quick release pins and real Dzus fasteners were used. Carefulcustom modifications were performed to allow installation of thefunctional headlight and tail light. A custom windscreen wasfabricated as well, which fits perfectly.

I saw Rainey’s 1991 YZR500 in Laguna at the 2005 MotoGP, and tookmany pictures. This was an invaluable reference point for thebuild, particularly matching the color and logos. Paint by Paula inTitusville, Florida performed the paint work. She used a very richpearl white, along with a day glow orange (from the house of color)to match Rainey’s bike. No decals were used; all work was done withpaint. It does look sweet, and correct to Rainey’s 1991 YZR500.


The rearsets are custom fabricated by Wyn Belorusky. Included aretwo separate sets of rearset brackets, one for the stock positionas pictured, and a set for the full race position. I initially hadthe race ones made, but then subsequently had a stock set made as Ihave only ridden the bike on the street. Again, both sets areincluded. They are beautiful. Wyn even machined the right side footpeg to fold up, to allow for clearance of the kickstarter whenstarting (like the stock RZV right side foot peg does). It’s thedetails that I love!

The dash was a custom fabrication setup with the tachometermounted, a Daytona digital Temp gauge, and a GPS which can be usedas a speedometer.

The sprocket cover was modified, by shortening the rear portion andmilling out the holes. It turned out sweet. The right side enginecover, water pump, and left side sprocket cover were also sandblasted to give the appropriate GP look.

Wyn took the wiring harness and stripped any unnecessary wires,then cleanly wrapped and reinstalled all wiring. It’s veryneat.

New 520 chain/sprockets, custom billet swingarm spools.


I really can’t even come close to listing all the fine details thatwent into this incredible build. I have many many picturesdocumenting the entire build. The bike needs a home with someonewho appreciates what went into this project to achieve this finalresult. It’s awesome..

Everyone who does a build shoulddo it for themselves first and foremost. I say that because I willnit pick here. My nit picky point being, if you spent all the moneyto replicate a 1991 YZR500, shouldn't the pipes look period? Mildsteel (or titanium if $$$ is no question) for the pipes would dothe trick. A totally personal choice, just wondering since so muchdetail went into the bike.

They don't get built overnight.That's a RZV frame not the more common RZ500 frame. I've alwaysthought it would be cool to track down an old Harris or ROC YZRframe and use that for the base of a YZR replica. If you'd like todrool a little more, checkthese replicas out of Australia out. I think you can buy theframes seperatley if you are do it yourselfer.

Remember, it is road legal too. Ihope all the bargain hunters stopped reading a long time ago. Iwould be surprised if the reserve on this bad boy isn't in the midtwenties. On one hand I say it is completely worth it. It is anabsolutely beautiful bike that a lot of care, time and money wasinvested into. On the other hand after you get past the good looksand expert craftmanship you still have a spindly mid 80's framehiding in there. When you get into high dollar builds there areoptions out there, like the Aussie built replicas. Don't get mewrong, I love the bike, I'm just sayin…… To get in the mix onthis beautiful bike, simplyclick here.

yzr brakes
yzr build
yzr carbs
yzr cowl
yzr engine

yzr engine out
yzr front
yzr front 2
yzr harness
yzr left

yzr left front
yzr mounts
yzr ohilins
yzr pipes
yzr rear pipes

yzr rear wheel
yzr rearset
yzr right
yzr right two
yzr shock

yzr tach


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  • scott braman

    July 26, 2011 1:39:36 pm

    What Aussie built replicas???

    Can you list a website?

    Thank you



  • Ian

    July 26, 2011 3:00:50 pm


    Up in one of the paragraphs I have “check these replicas out ofAustralia out”, click on the orange letters and enjoy.


  • Dan

    July 27, 2011 4:59:49 am

    I know he has over $30k plus into it…probably just in parts. i bet the reserve is high 20′s. Willsomeone pay that? No… not on ebay. Someone will have to look at thebike in person real close for that cash. It is sweet!


  • walter

    July 27, 2011 7:45:13 pm

    bzzzzt. its already up to 25-largewith +3.5days to go!

    if i had the spare krinkle and were abit less pragmatic i’d snap this up, lickety-split!

    wallymann from motown


  • Ian

    July 27, 2011 7:55:28 pm

    Looks like the reserve is gone as wellso it will find a new home.


  • david

    July 28, 2011 12:35:08 am

    rzv wynn had his yellow and black rzup on ebay once with a reserve at 30k which didn’t sell the firsttime. he ended up selling it years later for high 20s, i think.i’ve seen pictures of this bike for years and if i had less sensei’d buy this for sure. i can’t say that i’m not tempted, but ican’t do it without a little sacrifice. i think that this bike isworth whatever it sells for. it’s one of a kind and absolutelybeautiful. 100% amazing.


  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    July 28, 2011 10:35:52 am

    There is also a canadian company thatbuilds YZR500 and RGV500 replicas called Adjustment Tech.


  • Ian

    July 28, 2011 10:57:43 am

    Hmmm, another nice alternative. Iwould assume a little less expensive than the ground up Aussiemodels.


  • Dan

    July 28, 2011 12:54:24 pm

    Dam, was hoping to scare some folksaway so I could buy it my self :) Wellworth the cash. Now, folks know it will sell…Wonder if the impulsebuy would kick in. Spending $30k for a custom bike not seen? Guessif you went to see it and it was podged together you could bail onthe deal. Anyone scared yet? :) Crap…didntthink so. The bike will be aswome in person as well….


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  • JasonB

    November 11, 2011 10:34:26 am

    As much as I love it, I have to agreewith Ian’s comment about the “spindly mid-80′s frame hiding inthere” would be a deal killer for me. The basic structure justisn’t up to the level of the rest of the bike, and when you want orbuild a YZR500 factory replica like this, it would just have tohave a contemporary twin spar aluminum frame (Spondon, Harris, TZRconversion, RS Aprilia, etc.).


  • RC45

    November 11, 2011 11:49:22 am

    Now that I have my own RZ500 based YZRreplica, I can understand the thought process behind retaining thestock RZV frame.

    It is not ‘spindly mid-80′s frame’ –it is actually a pretty stout well designed perimeter frame, andthe weight savings of going to a beefy twin spar design are reallythe only real bonus. And it look slike a proper lat 80′s YZR –remember, the early 80′s YZR’s where perimeter framed GP bikes.

    Anyway, I still think the mid to high$20K range for these bikes is a sketcy area – the price reallyreflects the labour and sum of the parts, not the actual value ofthe machine.

    Once I am done with mine i willprobably have about $25K in the bike as well, but honestly, I wouldnot expect to sell it for that price – the price simply reflectsthe time and labour to source and fabricate all the bits.

    But in the end, all these YZR replicasare just GP-bike wannabe projects with great heavy iron sleevedRZ500 motors in their chests. I am interested to hear the weight ofthis bike – mine currently sits at 377lbs all gassed up ready toride. For $27K I would expect, no demand, that this YZR replica tipthe scales at no more than 320lbs soaking wet.


  • Gregg

    November 12, 2011 3:06:23 pm

    Sold – Buy it now at $24,900


  • RC45

    November 12, 2011 11:16:11 pm

    So it did. Hope it stays with the newowner for a little longer this time.


  • EuroRash

    November 18, 2011 11:12:02 pm

    Nice bike I had a 94 YZF750R that wasa fun project

    someone painted all black with crude stenciling


    I repainted with decals to look likethis



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