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1000/1100/1200 SS/Monster/Multistrada/Hypermotard

most 1000 ccm engines have original around 86 HP(1100 approx 92 HP).in combination with 98 mm big bore and than 1078 ccm a headporting (47-41 instead of 45-40 stock heads),a K-N
or equal open filter and cover ,and also open exhaust it is possible to realize 103-105 HP with a hammer torque from 105 Nm at 3250 rpms !!!!!!! Max torque approx. 115 Nm at around 6000 rpms are real tractor caracter for best performance on country roads .
As always : a light flywheel is installed and all is adjusted with a Power commander 3 -USB .
Street race caracter is available also ,we developed new cams for this versions
and can deliver up to 110-112 HP in the moment ,the full race caracter is meantime in test but not finished ,we are in test with full race cams,but need a little more time for finishing 115-118 HP in custom race versions .

Big bore steps are 1078 ccm Bolt on kits fittable directly without mods. 1114 ccm kits are with crank house mashining and crank balancing, this needs much more mods.

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    PURE TEC —- Small shape with pure Supermoto Stil !!!!

    The first three pictures shows our workshop Multistrada. We tried to revalue the standard optic a little bit. Naturally the engine, too! We mounted a Marving exhaust system, supplied by the german importeur Daniele Moto, and a small Racing front mask. Indicators and license plate support from Kellermann. Further some carbon fiber and Pure Tec parts. The fuel tank and other details are also modified.


    To show what the engine can performe here are two charts from may 2008. Vehicle is our 2V Testa Demon. That is the race variant! Not recommended for street. For road we recommend operating performance levels from 112 to 115 hp.

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    And here two comparison diagrams. 4 engines with different Tuning stages:

  • Diagramm Hp
  • Diagram Torque