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Old School Biggy: Bimota SB6 (in Germany)

The SB6 is one of the most powerful Bimota produced. Fitted with a tuned Suzuki GSX-R 1100 water cooled engine, it delivered a whopping 146 hp when new. Unlike its Japanese engine donor, the SB6 is not a comfortable do-it-all fast all rounder, it is instead, a purpose built sport bike with a big and very powerful power plant.

Bimota SB6 For Sale on eBay DE


Around the engine, we find what you would expect from any Bimota:

  • huge Aluminum beams forming the chassis
  • hand crafted and beautifully machined metal components to hold the fork in place or support your feet
  • the very best of supplies that you could buy at the time (Paioli forks, Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels…)
  • a few carbon fiber bits (we are kind of getting used to these, but 20 years ago they were really special on a “standard” bike)


And yet, here we don’t have ultra sharp radial mounted calipers, nor traction control, nor wheelie control, nor soft engine maps for slippery road condition, nor infinitely electronically controlled auto adjusting dampers…The 146 hp are all to be managed by YOU, the rider. This is how a super sport used to be. “Old school” can mean “scary” at times.


This isn’t for the inexperienced, as the seller’s also mentions below:

Bimota with Suzuki Suzuki GSXR 1100 W engine

good Condition

Colour Red / White
with carbon fenders made ​​of unpainted carbon
Displacement: 1100 cc
Number of owners: 2
Inspection valid until 07/2015
read off Mileage: 19700 km
Drive: Chain
Starter: electric start
Power in kW: 115 HP 156
Registration: March 1997
Drives really well and is very fast.
Receive on Jul 02, 2013 no defects, a new HU.

Please be sure to arrange viewing e-mail.
Please do not bid for fun.
The prospective buyer should already have the intention of buying – just so drive a Bimota, there is not with me!

The bike is very fast and absolutely not for beginners – please note!

Collection and cash payment within 7 days after auction ends must be adhered to!

Motorcycle is allowed and can be transferred to its axis.

Re-registration within 3 days absolutely necessary!

Please take a look at my other auctions, there are more things available!
If there should be something unclear, please be sure before (!) Ask to bidding.

No ebay fees!
The item will be sold as described:
Since I am not a business seller,
I give no guarantee on the products auctioned.

Continue to ensure right of return or exchange is excluded.

By placing a bid, you expressly agree to indemnify,
according to the new EU law warranty / guarantee
to renounce completely against the seller.

Do not bid if you do not agree with it.

For more information, please refer to Kauf-/Auktionsabwicklung my “ME” page!


If you are not new to motor biking, if you have always been fascinated by the most powerful bikes and the latest electronic gadgets are not what you are looking for, if you want something that will generate some level of “concern” in your mates’ minds when they see you approaching, then this SB6 could be as good as it can get. With a starting price set at just 6250 EUR and with less than 20.000 km, Bimotas like this keep surprising me. Where will the price’s downfall of these Italian exotica stop ? I reckon not far from here. Later on, the trend will reverse, and getting anything like this for this sort of money will require a lot more research.



1997 Bimota SB6 in Germany


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