Motorcycle Maintenance TechBook

Motorcycle Maintenance TechBookMotorcycleMaintenance TechBook

– Servicing and minor repairs for all motorcycles 

by Keith Weighill 

There has long been a need for a general book on motorcyclemaintenance which is suitable for the DIY mechanic and studentsbeginning courses in motorcycle engineering and scooters.

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The book is divided into six chapters covering: 

Tools: Howto build up a toolkit and equip your workshop, recommended toolsand test equipment for motorcycle use, advice on safety andpersonal protection. 

Service schedule: Where to find servicespecifications and how to interpret the service schedule, plusadvice on carrying out a service and keeping servicerecords. 

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Engineprocedures: The chapter opens with anexplanation of two-stroke and four-stroke cycles, then follows

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with procedures for valve clearance check, air filter cleaning,cooling and fuel system checks, oil changing, clutch adjustment,two-stroke engine top-end strip, spark plug checks, contact breakerpoints and ignition timing checks, engine compression test andexhaust system replacement. 

Chassis: Procedures for chain checksand lubrication, chain tension adjustment and wheel alignment,chain and sprocket replacement, steering head and swinging armbearing checks, wheel bearing checks and replacement, lubricationof pivot points and cables, handlebar removal and leverreplacement, suspension checks and adjustment, front fork oilchange, tyre checks and tubed tyre replacement, speedometer cable,disc brake fluid level checks, fluid replacement, pad checks andreplacement, bleeding, drum brake adjustment and overhaul, standpivot maintenance and bodywork removal. All you need to know about Motorcycle Maintenance TechBook...

Electrics: Battery checks and charging,maintenance-free battery filling, charging system voltage test,bulb changing, horn checks, handlebar switch removal, fuse checks,cable connector crimping and soldering, cable sizesexplained. 

Accessories: Converting to a twin hornsystem, fitting fork gaiters, fitting a top box, fitting anautomatic chain oiler.

Aimed at the DIY mechanic and students embarking on courses inmotorcycle engineering
Service tasks described in detail and illustrated with over 900colour photographs
Information on how to build up a toolkit and keep servicerecords
Author: KeithWeighill's many years teaching the subject at Merton Collegeand working in the motorcycle industry have given him a sound baseon which to originate this book and how to present the informationin an easily understandable form.