Motorcycle b-art Netherlands dutch

Motorcycle design

Design for different clients: APFCT, Continental, Hyperpro,PTS, Startwin, Touratech,Troll, Wunderlich…

New one piece Multistrada screen for the Ducati Multistrada is an alternative 2 piece original.

It stays in line with Ducati design and History

Wunderlich WR2 based on the BMW R1200GS. replacing lights and beak with a new triple clamp mounted sport fairing, 21” wheel, front fender, new body parts and other details.

B-art B-beak conversion, takes the 1150 style beak to fit the 1100 GS. Replacing the now old looking long beak. Made in small series production and sold to private GS owners all over the world.

For Rukka (motorcycle clothing) Germany

a color and detail changed BMW R1200R to go with their new high-end suite

Hyperpro HS-01

A Yamaha MT-03 based special to introduce the new 3D shock.

The MT-03 was perfect for that as the shock on the side makes it very visible.

Wunderlich Jararaca

Based on the R1200GS taking the Off-road

out and putting Super-moto DNA in the Loved travel All-road.

APFCT ZES-III is a purpose build hydrogin powered elec. scooter. Styling, frame, clay model work, bodywork production and assembly where all done or coordinated by B-art Product Design

Startwin Dream Ducati.

In house developed ,race track proven frame for a full carbon body kit bike. Engins can be taken from donor bikes ranging from 400cc trough to the 998cc SP.

Hyper-III the 3rd Hyperpro bike.

Suziki GSXR1100 engine 200HP, 160 Kg ready for the road. Minimal frame, full titanium exhaust, carbon bodywork.

Made in 1999-2000

For Henk Knuiman design and modelwork of an Aprilia RXV Dakar. On the base of a RXV enduro. Now with 3 fuel tanks (35L total) 2 water tanks (3 L) a new fairing exhaust, navigation brackets and more.

Troll Super-twin kit bike.

Race developed super light frame with Super-mono style bodywork with lights.

To build the bike that Ducati never build.

B-art CBR 600 based development of the Bott racer build earlier. Taking the race body work to the street.

Hyper-I Yamaha TRX with new Troll front suspension.

B-art F.C. leRoy Bott racer.

TR-1 engine in a private build spine frame,

VFR swing and Suzuki forks.

Body design and fabrication by B-art

For Wolff Motorcycle parts Racing colors for their sponsored Ducati 1098. Competing in the Dutch Superbikes.

For Marjos new colors for her F800GS.

The now called GaneSh has an Indian inspired graphics, with mantra texts, the indian god Ganesh and sari fabric paterns.

For Touratech Streetline designed many parts for their new street catalogue. Parts ranging from sheet metal, CNC aluminum, Plastic, and bags for R1200R, K1200GT, F800S-ST, FJR 1300, Tiger 1050

For Touratech Streetline designed the

F800scrambleR based on the BMW F800R

Parts will be come out during this year.

So it will be posible to build your own F800scrambleR

For B-art Redesign of the Yamaha TRX850.

Using existing Yamaha parts. Started in Photoshop September 2010 ,build ended May 2011.