Meet Charley Boorman on an adventure cycling weekend in Scotland

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Title: Meet Charley Boorman on an adventure cycling weekend in Scotland
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Published Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 15:33:22 +0000

There is nothing we love more than spending our weekend in the saddle and we are always on the lookout for events and rallies to help us do that. That’s why I was so excited to see a whole new adventure cycling weekend in Scotland in less than a month and it won’t cost you a dime to attend.

It is brought to us by a household name in cycling with the folks at West Coast Harley-Davidson pulling out all the stops to make their first weekend of adventure a memorable one.

The weekend, which takes place near Glasgow on August 21-22, promises the chance to ride one of the most talked about adventure bikes of the year, the Harley-Davidson Pan America. You can also go off-road riding, learn bushcraft skills from skilled survivors, and even meet adventure cyclist Charley Boorman. So what is it about?

Adventure bike weekend in Scotland

Adventure bike weekend Harley-Davidson

The Adventure Weekend promises plenty of action to keep you busy all weekend in and out of the saddle.

First and foremost is the chance to get in the saddle of Harley’s first adventure bike, the Panamerica, and take a spin on some of the crisp country roads that surround Glasgow. After months of building and lots of chatter, this is your first chance to take a lap with your fellow drivers to see how it fares on the road.

In addition to the road trips, the local company Ride Off Road Scotland, which offers training courses and off road weekends across Scotland, will be holding off road driving lessons all weekend to help you develop and hone your skills in the rough.

And off the saddle, you rub yourself against one of the biggest names in adventure bikes, because Long way Star Charley Boorman is dropping by on Saturday 21st to share stories from his many adventures on two wheels around the globe.

Bushcraft and wild camping skills

In addition to horse riding, there is a chance to learn key adventure driving and outdoor skills to prepare you for your next outing.

The Back Country Survival team, specialists in bushcraft and wilderness skills, will provide tips and advice on how to get the most out of your wild camping trips and what to bring for your next adventure, as well as showing you how to make a great campfire, to gather on the street after an evening.

Curl up around a picture-perfect campfire with Highlander and skilled wood carver Wooden Tom, who will teach you the basics of his craft and how to throw the perfect ax.

The adventure weekend

In addition to Pan Americas, Harley has also added a serving of traditional cruiser culture with street food and even a pop-up barber shop to keep you entertained from the saddle, the perfect stop on a trip north to ride the NC500.

The event will take place August 21-22 and is completely free. Find out more HERE.

Adventure bike weekend Scotland

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