KLR Alternator Mod

By: AdvWisdom
Title: KLR Alternator Mod
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Published Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2020 02:58:24 +0000

Enclosed are step by step detailed instructions for installation, lessons Learned, and review of the new whiz-bang 400 watt Electrosport stator and regulator . Since I’m  way there, I’ll be swapping out my Doo Hicky and cleaning my oil screen also. See the ~90 pictural walk-thru toutorial of the Doo Hicky swap here:
and the oil screen cleaning Step-by-step here: http://klrworld.com/forums/index.php?topic=915.0
My bike is a 2007 KLR650 with 1,600 miles

Start with a little research…You�ll have to excuse the crudity of my KLR-650 library. I really need to organize the topics better…hehehe

First Drain the oil, I use the center stand for this task

Low profile magnetic drain plug, new crush washer with every oil change.

Now jack-up the bike, Jack is a Sears Craftman brand with a few added brackets

remove side covers, notice re-located helmet lock with cable. Easy access and attach full face helmet.

remove seat. All my KLR fasteners have been upgraded to stainless �cap� style fasteners (Allen Key) See: http://klrworld.com/forums/index.php?topic=878.0

Remove tank bolts

Gas off, remove gas line

rag to catch gas drippings

side covers pry from tank

All the Items removed

set up bike for task….Lots of light

Shop space/tables open…tools available

the doo kit from Eagle Mike…Will need that outer gasket for the stator

Area to open up!

Shifter lever off. Small mart to re-align teeth when re-installing

Take bolt all the way out…rachet wrench works best…wiggle lever off…

set aside with bolt in place as to not lose

one peg bolt off…loosen other…swivel aside as to clear outer case

Like this

sprocket cover next….3x fasteners

set aside

neutral wire….grab with fingers…wiggle straight back..no problem

wire off ….connector exposed

remove kick stand switch cover for better access to wire bundles to thread

loosen outer cover…..NOT inner cover…triple check which bolt is attached to outer cover

loosen all about this much…your fasteners may not be cap heads

notice inner cover fastener still fully engaged

loosen wire bundle bracket

remove bracket…long bolt comes with it

crack the case…try to maintain integrity of gasket…If tears….you will need a new one. Mine tore.

remove all fasteners here shown is 2x helper tabs to assist in prying with fingers

keep all parts on table with labels

pull outer case straight back…some oil will drip…have rags handy

tie off stator…don�t let wires hold it�s weight! Have wires/string/bungee available prior to removal

Attach here

here is is

lay on small table to work

with lots of light

need to remove this bracket screw

and these 3x attach cap bolts

stupid screw phillips head thrashed

get out drill…place rags around work area….tip cover to side

drill slow..don�t let chips fly

use depth gage to predict when manufactured head will be drilled off

there we go! Head off….no damage to bracket

un-thread screw threads with fingers…easy

area where removed

the parts removed…need to find replacement

Metric coarse thread M6-1.0 see: http://klrworld.com/forums/index.php?topic=721.0 for KLR650 specific fastener data

find torque while at it…use this KLR fastener chart

go to your fastener bin and find a match…use stainless cap head style

The correct matching length 12 mm

remove rubber wire seals…pull/pry off case

like this

new 400 watt stator to install

follow wire path to radiator overflow location on bike. Thread new wires following OEM wires

like this

route thru here

zip tie as you go

disconnect OEM re-connect new

Take old out….Don�t sell on E-bay yet!

need some of this stuff

apply to the wire gaskets…Note the new stator has only 1x wire gasket while the OEM had 2x wire gaskets

place bracket back in place

torque to 61 in-lbs

tighten this new bolt

Check 3x stator torque values….Use 61 in-lbs for a 6mm bolt…

3x bolts torque

prep outer gasket…light coat both sides

ready to reinstall case

finger thread bolts…note: a .25 inch gap exists between case and frame. Cannot close with hand pressure….carefully tighten fasteners…cris-cross pattern 1x turn at a time. It will slowly close up the gap.

toruque to 25 inch-lbs cris cross pattern…repeat with 68 in-lbs.

All buttoned up
re-attach wire bundle clip and push wires back into slot with small tool

Re-attach wire bracket with long bolt 68 in-lbs

cut zip ties
Now for the regulator. Reach under rear fender to hold nuts. Un-thread bolts 2x. Un-clip wire socket and install new regulator…they included a long unnecessary wire to it�s socket

regulator extra wire location

just eeked it in….contacts the rubber bumpers

loktite the attach fasteners…the blue paste type

add oil, re-attach shifter, foot peg, neutral wire

all done
Review and observations:
1. Bike started….
2. No leaks….
3. The headlights dim a lot at idle….light up when throttle is engaged. I don�t believe this was the case with OEM stator.
4. Have left side outer cover gasket handy. I needed one.
5. Have a M6-1.0 10 mm stainless cap screw available.
6. I would not say this is a �plug and play� install
7. Best to include a headlight “cutoff” switch. See step-by-step KLR650 headlight switch easy install here: http://klrworld.com/forums/index.php?topic=204.0
Still some concerns about the mod….Seems like a lot of work and cost for the risk associated with this new Item. I hope Electrosport stands behind there products!