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Well, here’s an update on how it’s been performing. This original repair was done last October. She’s put about 5500 miles on it since then. Last week we went for a short ride and it started getting that “running out of gas” feeling again. I was riding her bike, so I put my hand on the fuel pump and I could tell it wasn’t pumping. Tapped it a couple of times with my hand and it started running again. Rode home and looked at the pump after it cooled off. The contact were burnt up again. I ordered another set from CycleGear and by the end of the week the new set was here. I have a side by side comparison of the Old and New contacts. The new ones are in and the pump is running fine again. Getting clear close-ups of the actual contact points is not easy

Old Contacts – 5,500 miles on them.

New Contacts