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Woo-hoo, had the Belltech/KW coilover kit installed yesterday along with SPC adjustable front camber bolts and SPC adjustable upper rear control arms; 2″ drop in the front and 1.5″ drop in the year, note that the Lear topper weight had already caused the rear to drop slightly from OE.

First, it’s nice to be able to step in and out like a car rather than climb in/out like a truck. No more body roll or excess pitching. It corners and brakes very flat. The ride is now taunt rather than floaty, but not excessively harsh. Steering response improved greatly too. It drives and handles more like a large sports car now.

Aligned perfectly; -0.5 deg camber all four corners and 1/16″ toe-in front and rear. Plan to take it back in a week after the suspension settles in to recheck the heights and alignment.

I definitely give this kit a 2 thumbs up from a sports car/racing enthusiast perspective.

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2007 RTL Steel Blue Metallic/Gray, Leer Topper with e-lock rear hatch, Dynolock e-lock for rear gate, Centric semi-metallic brake pads, Belltech/KW V3 double-adjustable coilover suspension kit modified with 10k front and 14k rear springs, SPC adjustable front camber bolts, SPC adjustable rear camber upper control arms, 245/65-17 Bridgestone Blizzak DZ-M3 winter tires or 245/65-17 General Grabber HTS summer tires

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