Honda CBR 954RR vs. CBR 1000RR | Build It Big Or Buy It New? | Super Streetbike

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Honda CBR 954RR vs. CBR 1000RR | Build It Big Or Buy It New?

Is there a decade of difference between a built 2002 CBR954RR and a slightly modded 2012 CBR1000RR? SSB puts the bikes head to head for the ultimate street test.

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What will $15,000 get you in today’s market? For Honda fans, a brand-new CBR1000RR sans ABS hooked up with a trifecta of must-have aftermarket add-ons (slip-on exhaust, windscreen and undertail kit). Or alternately a 10-year-old CBR954RR with 2,200 miles purchased for $6,500 that went from mint to hooked-up with $8,500 in parts and tuning. Buy used and go for broke on a long list of mods, or shell out a premium entry fee for a new-schooler? That is the question. With both bikes sitting in the SSB stable, we wondered how the two Hondas would stack up against each other. Would we fully appreciate 10 years’ of technology and refinement in the new bike? Or would the modifications made to our Project 954 bike be enough to overcome its dated platform?

Age of Power

Horsepower increases as the years progress. Nothing reinforces this better than the 124 HP @ 64.7 LB-FT of torque our stock 954 made on a Superflow dyno. Compare that with the 2012 CBR1000RR, which initially made 148 HP @ 75.4 LB-FT. But stock numbers are only a baseline to measure the impact of aftermarket enhancements.

To keep both bikes close in price, motor mods on the 2012 went no further than a Yosh carbon fiber R-77 slip-on pipe