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Built over the course of 5 years , featuring dozens of rare Yoshimura racing parts and a fully rebuilt and highly tuned 1340cc engine , this is one of the UK’s most well known Streetfighter motorcycles. Specially chosen to feature in the landmark 200th edition of Streetfighters Magazine which coincided with 25 years of the GSXR , this bike took the front cover , a huge 6 page editorial feature, plus a giant (A0 sized) pull out poster. The many uniquely engineered components, jaw dropping build quality and flawless attention to detail have also helped to see the bike go on to scoop some very high profile awards including the Carole Nash / MCN Built in Britain competition and also feature in many other online & printed publications.

Why did you build it ? Simple !, I enjoy it ! , this is my 5th Streetfighter build (all of them previously featured in Streetfighters magazine) and my best yet. I’m an engineer and enjoy the challenge of improving the handling , braking and performance both by using a clever choice of components and getting my hands dirty and making parts myself . I like the sense of achievement I get from building something unique and totally different to everyone else’s bike. I like the recognition my bikes get from others and most of all – I love to build something I can ride. Go here to see my previous builds

So why did it take 5 years ? The main reason is the lengthy list of rare , exotic and ‘one off’ components . Many of the parts used cant just be bought off a shelf – they’re either extremely rare ‘period’ Yoshimura parts which took months of searching for, or have had to be designed & from scratch – most often machined from solid billet . This takes time and a huge amount of effort . For the more exotic parts , the reason is simple – cost ! , Rather than fit ‘second best’ I chose to wait until I could save enough money to buy the best parts for the job . The rest is simply having time. I’ve a full time job as well as a family , all of my spare time was spent designing , fabricating , machining , polishing or assembling parts for this bike . Quite often I’d take it all apart and then start again ! (You can see evidence of this in the photo galleries – e.g. originally all the aero pipe fittings were hand polished then anodised red, blue or gold – when it was all together – I didn’t like it – It looked too ‘flashy’ , so I stripped it all down , removed the anodising , mirror polished it all again , and re-anodised it black – much better !

How much did it cost to build ? I honestly don’t know, but this level of attention to detail doesn’t come cheap. When you do the majority of the work yourself and buy parts over time you’re better off not knowing ! The bike has been completely rebuilt from the frame up , apart from all the ‘extras’ – I’ve replaced every single bearing / seal /bush with brand new parts – top to bottom. Virtually every single fastener has been replaced with stainless steel cap heads , which I’ve then ground the letters off and polished to a mirror finish – even in places you cant see ! I started totting up what the engine had cost me . For a start there are over £800’s worth of genuine Suzuki bearings , seals , gaskets & chains etc. Then you start adding up the cost of all the trick parts £800 for a set of new Carrillo rod’s , £700 for a set of RS38 racing carburetors , £360’s worth of oversize racing valves for the Roger Upperton ported ( another £350 !) cylinder head etc etc . Put it like this , I stopped counting how much money was in the motor alone when I got to £9k. If you think I’m exaggerating – go to the ‘Build Up’ gallery for a list of costs or the Tech Specs page , get your calculator out and start googling how much it would cost you to just buy the components ! . Like I say , a lot of the work has been done by me , and most of the rest of the engineering has been done by some very talented friends so I’ve been able to save a lot of money on labour that way .Overall , I’d guestimate at over 25K to build another bike like this one.

Is it just a show bike ? Hell No !! , Of course it’s nice to be approached and asked for your bike to be featured in magazines and displayed at shows – but this bike was built to be ridden – hard ! . I’ve ridden the bike all over the place and it’s never skipped a beat. One of the things I’m proudest of is being able to ride the 40 miles or so to the drag strip , tape up the headlamp, race it up the 1/4 mile – then ride it all the way home again !. Its a great feeling when you see guys wheeling out non road legal drag bikes out of the backs of vans and then you go and kick their arse on your road bike !. Of course , it’s not all about drag racing – the bike is just as at home on the twisties and performs faultlessly. The sheer grunt of the 1340 motor and the bark of the flat slide carbs is addictive ! . There’s hardly any bare alloy on the bike , so it’s a doddle to keep clean – no polishing ! , just wash n go ! . Want to take a pillion ? No problem ! – the subframe retains all the stock pillion mounts for a GSXR1000 – get your self a set of pegs and replace the hump with a seat and you’re good to go.

Why did you sell it then ? To start my next build !


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