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has anyone ran their f3 without fuel pump?

i have found my fuel fump is bad, contact points are melted. thinkin of trying to ride untill new pump comes in. does anyone know if i can with no problems or will gravity by itself not do the job on my 98 f3? if anyone knows could you please inform me, if not i will probably find out the hard way!

yes, you can. bypass the pump, go from tank->to filter->carbs. the pump is there to keep the carbs from going dry during high speeds fast acceleration. run it for a while, if you run into problems of fuel starvation at those high speeds then think of getting a new one.

you should be fine.


i wasent too sure with the way the fuel line splits and all if it would need a little more mojo than what gravity could provide. i think ill take it easy till new pump comes in.. thanks once again for the info.


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You don’t NEED a fuel pump below 90-ish MPH. It won’t hurt you at all to bypass it.

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I ran my bike without a fuel pump and it works ok. The bike won’t run 100% the same as it will with the pump during hard cornering and when your getting on it, but it will run just fine when cruising. Keep your tank full at all times, and keep the petcock to run on reserve.


Its true, you dont need the pump. Even if it works fne, if you leave the tap off you will still be able to start the bike and run it the pump will just tick until you turn it on.

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whats the test to find out if your fuel pump is bad? ive been reading the forums for the engine problems and ive done just about eveything i can think of beacuse it sounds like the fuel air is wrong or not getting enough of one or the other. i just had the carbs completly rebuilt and cleaned and all that good stuff at a shop and the bike ran “ok” for like 2 or 3 days then yesterday i went to take it for a ride and i cant get above 3000 rpms with out having it crap out on me like its flooded or something. any suggestions?

when i start it now it will go to like 3000 rpms real quick then idle at like 1000 somehting (sounds like crap) and when i hit the throttle (or the choke on) even a little bit it craps out on me.

I ran mine without a fuel pump for almost 6 months. It runs just fine. The only issue is if you’re at high rpm’s for long enough, gravity can’t feed the fuel as fast as the engine is using it.