First look: REV’IT! Sand 4 jacket

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Title: First look: REV’IT! Sand 4 jacket
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Published Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2021 06:22:29 +0000

When I find a bike kit that I trust and rely on, I wear it for many years, well past the point where it looks frayed around the edges. With my old REV’IT! Sand 3 jacket.

I’ve toured Europe with it in the sweltering heat, commuting all year round in rain, wind and sunshine, and covered it in mud and dust more times than I can remember when I was out in the field. I even fell on sand 3 and worn it out in a few places, but still strong (and luckily I am).

New REV’IT! Sand 4 jacket

That is not to say that the Sand 3 is perfect, certainly not, but as a robust and versatile 3-layer jacket that also looks very stylish, I find it hard to beat. When then the mark announced a new version of my old faithful, I was pretty excited. Step forward to that REV’IT! Sand 4, which builds on the success of the previous incarnation and solves what I believe to be its greatest weakness, ventilation.

The most welcome enhancements are large front chest panels that open and the fabric flap tucked back, creating a gaping area that allows air to flow directly to your body.

As with many other jackets, there are two zippers, one outside and one inside, and I was pleased to see that there is a large ventilation panel behind the main front zip. Open it completely and the Sand 4 practically has three large vents on the front, while the jacket is still held in place and won’t flutter around thanks to that secondary zip.

The Sand 3 had vents on the chest, but they were relatively small and couldn’t be folded back, which made me sweat in the summer heat Southern Europe on a number of occasions. So thank you REV’IT! to listen to your customers and respond to their feedback.

Three layers for all weathers

REV'IT!  Sand 4

Unfortunately, not all of our rides take place in bright sunshine, and that’s where the REV’IT! The three-layer structure of Sand 4 comes into play.

Under the light and durable outer shell there is a removable waterproof inner lining and a separate removable thermal lining, both of which can be completely removed and easily stowed away so that you can adapt the jacket to the weather all year round. The waterproof liner is also designed as a casual jacket when you’re not out on your bike, remember to hit the pub from your campsite after a day in the saddle.

Adjusting the fit as you add or remove these layers is easy thanks to straps on the arms and waist, and there’s also plenty of storage space with two front zippered pockets, a large map pocket on the back, and two inside pockets.

Last but not least, REV’IT! There is light and ventilated SEEFLEX CE level 2 armor on the shoulders and elbows, while there are also pockets for optional chest and back protectors. There are also connection points for the REV’IT! Segur Neck Brace.

Check out the REV’IT! Sand 4

REV'IT!  Sand 4 jackets

The REV’IT! Sand 4 is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and in five different new colors. In fact, I was so impressed that I’ve been wearing Sand 4 every day lately and leaving my beloved Sand 3 hanging a little lonely in my closet.

The new sand range also includes newly released trousers and gloves.

Read more about the Sand 4 and the rest of the new gear on the REV’IT website! HERE.


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