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If you haven’t already seen (and subscribed) to Benzina magazine, and you’re a fan of Italian motorcycles, you really should, it’s far and away the best motorcycle magazine out there. Fantastic photography, well written, informative, entertaining and knowledgable articles, it is a delight every time it drops through the mail box.

Benzina was around for 10 issues before publisher Greg Pullen pulled the plug last year when it became in his words… “less and less about riding and getting scoops, and more about chasing (admittedly unpaid!) contributors, checking grammar and dealing with the logistics of production and distribution.”

But fortunately for us, he can’t stay away, and with re-found enthusiasm and a new partner, Shaun Power, has put out issue 11… with more to follow.

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P.S. Shameless plug I know but it really is a great magazine – and not just because the second half of the article about the “Twenty 12” is in it 🙂


1979 900 SS…FINISHED





The “Twenty12”


The 2009 version of my yellow bike met an unfortunate end in October of 2011. The insurance company wrote-off the bike, which led to the DMV decommissioning the frame. As a result I had to build a new bike with a replacement frame and a lot of other bits too… here’s the result… longer, lower, better looking and altogether more user friendly… note side-stand and all new for 2012… electric start. (Hey, I’m getting old.) You may recognize some of the salvaged parts from the old bike, but there were woefully few of them. I did however manage to save the colour 🙂


once upon a time… http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ and now

1978 Ducati 900 “Sport” GTS custom build
click here for latest build photos, or here to see the old 2009 version which is no more… wrecked, and written off…




Sue’s 1978 Ducati 900 SS “replica” click here for more pics



Sue at speed – Land Speed Trials, Bonneville 2009


Sue at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials – Bonneville Salt Flats, 2009


before http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ after


Sue’s 1978 Ducati 900GTS custom
click for details, restoration and customization photos

latest pics

and afterhttp://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/



the old bike, sadly no more


the pictures of the old bike are now here



Benzina features the Twenty12 version of my bike in a 10 page article, and look who’s on the cover – read article here

The World’s Finest Custom Motorcycles calendar
Includes my yellow bike as “Miss June”, a great honour, thanks Chris. See the whole calendar here… http://www.bikeexif.com/motorcycle-calendar

Pipeburn really nice cafe racer bike blog features “Miss June” – thanks Scott

Benzina- Issue 3 is out and is the best one yet… and not just because Sue’s bike is featured in it!
subscribe here… read article here

Italian Motor – great stuff… another must have magazine if you’re an Italian bike enthusiast
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Benzina – Issue 2 not just another bike magazine, it’sTHE Italian bike magazine…
subscribe here… ducatimeccanica is not affiliated in any way with benzina, it’s just a great magazine…

Motorcycle Classics Magazine article – 900GTS custom

Benzina – A new Italian bike magazine based in te UK. Benzina is a quarterly(ish) magazine showcasing classic Italian bikes in a high quality format…got mine… it’s great!


Sue’s bike is the featured cafe racer at “BIKE EXIF”

Sue in “2009 BUB Speed Trials”
book by the official photographer of the 2009 Land Speed Record Trails – Scooter Grubb

My bike featured at “BIKE EXIF”

My bike in “SMOKE” magazine

Italian Bike – Mine and Sue’s in “Italian Bike” magazine
The World Superbike Race at Laguna Seca 2002 – we go to California and get together with fellow Bevelheads
World Ducati Weekend 2001 – over 500 photos from the biggest gathering of Ducatis in North America ever!


Galleries – 500 plus images sorted by model


some fun stuff…

Bonneville GP – Vintage motorcycle racing at Miller Mototrsports Park, Tooele, Utah

Rodger Harrison – 750 Sport – Rodger’s Sport is perfect…

David Meyer’s fabulous bikes – Custom Darmah… 900ss… MH900e…

Tom’s infamous GT projects – The bevel barbarian’s natural habitat

Richard Kennedy -Tasmania – Beautiful 350 twin filler restoration, completed!

Brian Norrie – Calgary – A thing for S2s, he has two of them and they are just gorgeous!

Sport and singles – a nice sport and some interesting singles from David Chrone

Sue goes to Race City Speedway – and gets her road race license!

Bevelheads get together in Daytona

All Italian Day Car and Motorcycle Show 2001 – Alameda, California

Moto Giro 2001 – Italy – Phil Hitchcock and Chris Bushell at the event

North Vancouver Italian Car & Motorcycle Show 2001 – Photos – Greg Bahrey

Ducati Festival – Spring 2001 – Photos – Wolfram Hage

Scot P Wilson’s 750 SS – beautiful Paul Smart Imola Replica

Shawn Roger’s 750 Sport – “Best of Show” Daytona “Ducati NIght” 2000

Kevin Bracken’s 905cc Ducati – Square-case Custom GT

Kevin’s experience building his 900 race motor – detailed discription and photos

Jim Calandro’s 750 F1 “Best pre ’90 rubberband” Daytona 2000

Steve Richmond’s 350 Sebring – was for sale, but you missed your chance

1974 750 Greenframe – the classic

National Ducati Rally 2000, Canberra Australia – Photos – Greg Davies

Great Group Photo – John Clifton – first National Ducati Rally Australia 1992

Latins by the Lake – photos from the annual Latins by the Lake Rally, Australia 2000

Bevels, Van Nuys California – Photos – Dan Kelo

“Greenframes” – Photos – Ralph Poole

Laverda Rally Nakusp BC – First annual Laverda get together at Wolfgang Hearter’s (2000)

Bevelheads at Mid Ohio – Peter Bonner

HyperBevel 947 – Huite Vogelaar – Holland

Tom’s Newest GT

SpaggiariReplica – New Pics – Grant Vinten’s second GT

Ignition Conversion for Singles – photos and info from Phil Hitchcock

Ducati outfit on the Isle of Man – taken by Dan Neff in2000 – sent in by Greg Bahrey

Isle of Man trip – by Jim Calandro

Wilfried Maetzler’s bikes – WDW winner and more

Restoration pics of an F3 & Mach 1 plus lots more – Ismo Hakamaki – Finland

Steve Craven – Aus – Z Stripe 750 Sport…and his Imola replica racer

Kane Brechlin’s 750GT – Take a look at “Tink” now

Phil’s crossover gearchange on his Singles racer

Seth Dorfler’s beautiful 860 GT with leather accessories

Festival of Italian Motorcycles – Sept 2002 – Melbourne, Aus – Russ Murray

Andrew Jone’s 450 SCR – lots of work

Steve Wynne’s Sport Motors Ducati – photos by Kevin Bracken, Daytona 1982.

Morbidelli Museum in Pesaro Italy – photos by Steve Craven

Moto Giro 2002 – Ron Verweij and Steve Craven

Denver Italian Bike Day – (Auto Mezzi 2002) Willy Gonason

Simons’s NCR 900 Ducati – and very tasty too…

Shots of some very rare Ducati’s – from Luca Guala

Racing in Germany – Hartmut Snoek and the Konigswellen-Bande

Fred Boonstra – sweet 350 Scrambler – Holland

Adventures in compression – a couple of blown singles

Darmah restoration – Marc Wauters good looking Darmah restoration with custom seat

Follow up to the duc-man spy pics – Thanks Joe

Antwerp Classic Racing Team – Tony van der Sanden

Track Day – Belgium – Joris and Tony along with the Antwerp Classic Racing Team

250 Mototrans Deluxe – Anniversary Ride (Spain to Northern Africa) – Luis Teba

1977 900 SS and a new/old GT – Tim Keyes

One COOL 1978 Darmah SD 900 – Haavard Jakobsen – Norway

BOTT Racing – photographed by Hiroshi at the Japanese series

Some more shots from the Dyke Blast – a few more photos this time from Joris

Dyke Blast 2002 – photos from the first official bevelhead dyke blast

Joris goes to Sardinia – photos from Joris’ trip

“Best Bevel Twin” – Rodger Harrison and his Super Sport – Daytona 2002

Marco and Xavier – bevels from French Ducati Club 20th Anniversary.

NDR – 2002 National Ducati Rally Australia – Phil Hitchcock

NDR – National Ducati Rally Australia – March 2002

160 Monza Jr – George Farncomb, Canada

A Very Cool 750 – Eric Charle’s, France

2001 Trip from HELL – say no more…

2002 Vancouver Italian Bike Show – Sunday June 16, 2002

Kent Jornevall’s Swedish 750 roundcase – oh yes!

A true bevel barbarian – just what do they get up to in Tasmania

450 Jupiter Lorin Smith’s pride and joy, original and beautiful

350 Scrambler Project Richard’s impossible dream

Ducati Owners Club of Canada Toronto International Motorcycle Supershow 2002

Greg Davies imaculate Sport – great taste in bikes, suspect associates…

The phantom ducman spy pics – who is that masked man

Ismo Hakamaki’s “bigbore” 175cc 5-speed

450 MK III D – and some other beauties too

Scot Wilson – a pair of cool ’72 Z Stripe Sports

Charles Turner’s 750 Sport

Early GT – Stefan Schafter – Switzerland

Hiroshi gets his GT on the road – Hiroshi Yamaguchi’s GT passes it’sinspection in Japan

Beautiful 1958 125 F3 – Alan Moseley – Holland

Ron Verweij – Holland – a family affair with Ducati…

Bevelhead Racers – some of our very own!

Classic “Blast from the Past” photos – some very cool stuff…

Historic and Racing Ducati archive – historic Ducati images from the Ducati Museum collection – Bologna – courtesy of Livio Lodi museum curator


Part suppliers

people I know and or have had good experiences with


Road & Race Ducati – Australia, Phil Hitchcock. The source for bevel parts – if Phil doesn’t have it, it’s going to be hard to find. I do business with Phil all the time, great service, prices are excellent, shipping is fast – [email protected]

Columbia Car & Cycle – Wolfgang Haerter, British Columbia, Canada – Great source for many of the Ducati parts you’ve all been looking for. Wolfgang is a great guy, we recommend him highly.
Phone/fax: (Nakusp, British Columbia, Canada) 250 265 0165
Shop: 250 265 0165
Online catalogue

Mdina Italia – Andrew Jones is a great guy, excellent to deal with. I have bought many parts from him, they are top quality, the service is fantastic, shipping is fast, and support is second to none… the website is good too. I highly recommend Mdina Italia.
Phone: 0845 680 9005
Fax: 0845 680 9007
E-mail:[email protected]

Made in Italy Motorcycles – John Fallon – John used to be Mdina Italia until he sold it to Andrew (above) and anyone who dealt with him then knows he’s one of the best. Now he concentrates on finding fantastic Italian motorcycles for people… just check out his website
Phone: 01449 612900
Fax: 01449 612900
E-mail:[email protected]
or visit in person:
8C Stowmarket Business Park
Ernest Nunn Rd
Suffolk IP14 2AH

Classic Ducati – Angela and Barry Jones – UK company selling parts for singles – I have purchased from Barry, he’s great to deal with, first class parts and service, highly recommended – [email protected]

Classic Italian Bikes
– Giovanni Gentile – I’ve bought several parts from Giovani, always had good experiences and he ships quickly too.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0031 172422494
Ondernemingsweg 4J
2404 HN Alphen aan den Rijn, Holland

Guzzino.com – U.S. company specalizing in Italian motor cycle parts 1950-1980, large stock of Dellorto Carb parts and Brembo Brake parts
[email protected]

OLD RACING SPARE PARTS – Italy, lots and lots of stuff…

Eurotrash Jambayala – Joe Carter in San Jose Clifornia, 150 Piercy RoadSan Jose, CA 95138 – all kinds of bit and pieces for bevel twins and singles. I’ve purchsed various bits from him through eBay and been quite happy –[email protected]

The Motorcycle Company – Holland, Robert Buijs, catering to classic Ducati enthusiats – fax0031-182-350011 or call 0031-182-352476 email – [email protected]

SMS Engineering New Zealand parts source – website shows quiet a few parts – got to love a guy with beveldrive.com as his domain – [email protected]

www.desmo-ducati.de – Wolfram Hage (Berlin) sent in these links to a couple of Ducati shops in Southern Germany that he uses and thought may be of interest to bevelheads. Sites are in German, this one offers a price list in english, Wolfram thinks the prices are fair

www.jako-motorsport.de – shop that offers desmo-head conversions, enables valve clearance to be set with only a screw-driver. Wolfram has this conversion on his SS, says it works well and saves a bunch of time. Website is in German, but interesting nontheless, check out the link to the “Ducati Festival 2000” neat stuff

Buchanan’s – wheel builders, one of the best, comensurate prices – 29 E. Garvey Ave. Monterey Park CA 91755 – 818 280 4003

Central Wheel Components Ltd – UK supplier of stainless steel spokes and alloy rims (Borrani/Ankront look-a-likes). Good prices. Phone: 44 (0) 1675 462264
[email protected]


more good stuff


Cam timing for all bevel Ducati – Jim Pianetta and a racing friend meticulously compiled cam timings for bevel Ducatis.Jordan Princic scanned it and made it up into a PDF file, around 4MB. Jim wanted to have it online so anyone could freely access the information. So here it is. Very useful stuff, and the result of much hard work and dedication. Thanks Jim, and Jordan.

Verlicchi style grips and other rubber goodies – – Yes the original style black “finger bump” grips – perfect reproduction Verlicchi grips… PLUS replacement speedo boots, coil/transducer boots, and fork seal dust covers for Marzzochi and Ceriani type forks!

Detail Brushes – original design, stainless steel or nylon, handmade detail brushes – top quality stuff

Low cost replacement oil filters for 900s – Kawasaki filter – #16099-004 – or after market part # HIFLOFILTRO HF 123 – readily available and seals on the shaft, not on the washer and top cap – Phil Hitchcock

Replacement air filter element – for stock 900cc air boxes: WIX # – 42374
GT Replacement Air Filters:
Ducati Part Number 0615.27. 275 – FIAAM FL 6179
same as: FIAT Part # 4110530
same as: RYCO (FIAT) A134

Lucas RITA electronic ignition system – Sadly no longer manufactured or availabe, here are installation instructions, troubleshooting, photos, and wiring diagrams for those that still have one.

750GT seat cover – pattern taken from the original cover – Lloyd Maclean

The geargazer – aftermarket replacement top bevelcover with sight glass that provides view of working bevelgears, available in various styles, from various sources, like Road and Race

Loctite application chart – which is the right loctite for the job, find out here – thanks ? (send me your name)

Chevy 4X4 Hub Socket – cheap tool that makes it easy to remove or tighten front sprocket nut on Ducati twins, you will have to file it a bit but they are a cheap alternative to the real tool, and available just about anywhere, if you’re on the road when you need one.


Original Owners Manuals, Parts Manuals, Workshop Manuals,


Cucciolo Owners manual – Anders Hortvedt, Norway

Cucciolo Parts Manual – Anders Hortvedt, Norway

Cucciolo MotorPhotos – Robert Rose, Australia

160 Monza Jr. – Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual
(sorry about the wrinkles)

1968 350 Scrambler – Owners Service Manual – Ken Shephard – USA

’73 350 Ducati – Mototrans – Wiring Diagram

250-350, 450 MkIII, 450 MkIII D, 450 Scrambler – Wiring Diagram

The mother of all singles parts manuals – Ron Verweij, Holland
389 pages of diagrams and part numbers covering all the following models…

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/
250 Monza 250 Mk lll D 250 Scrambler
250 Mk lll 350 Mk lll D 350 Scrambler
350 Mk lll 450 Mk lll D 450 Scrambler
450 Mk lll 450 Scrambler (US)

1967-70 Ducati Singles Workshop Manual – Supplement

1968-73 Widecase singles Parts Manual – coming soon

250 GT Ducati Engine – exploded diagram

Ducati single cylinder engine – cutaway diagram

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ 750 GT and 750 Sport

750GT Owners Manual – Lloyd Maclean, Canada

750GT and 750 Sport Parts Manual – Greg Davies, Tasmainia

750 Roundcase Workshop Manual – Willy Gonnason, USA

750 roundcase engine cutaway – Ron Verwiej, Holland

750 GT – Wiring Diagram

1974 750 Sport – Wiring diagram – Joe Jump

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ 750 and 900 Super Sport

1975 750-900 SS Owners Manual – Tim Keyes/Hans Mellberg

1975 750-900 SS – Wiring diagram

1975-76 750-900 SS Parts Catalogue – Tim Keyes

1976 750-900 SS – Wiring diagram

1975-77 750-900 SS Workshop Manual – Susan Waters, Canada

1978 900 SS Parts Manual – Grog Davies, Tasmania

1979-80 900 SS Parts Manual – Grog Davies, Tasmania

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ 860 GT and 900 GTS

860 Motor – cutaway drawing – Rodger Harrison, USA

860 GT Owners Maintenance Service Manual – Susan Waters, Canada

860 GT Parts Manual – Steve Allen, USA

860 – 900 GTS Workshop Manual – Robert Welsh, USA / Grog Davies, Tasmania

Supplemental manual to the 860 GT/GTS workshop manual– covers all 860 based Ducati, including: 900SD Darmah, 750ss and 900ss desmo – sevice, maintenance and overhaul instructions

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ 350 500 GTL (parallel twin)

350-500 GTL Parts Manual – Andre van Prooijen, Holland

350-500 GTL Workshop Manual65 MB PDF file takes a long time to download but it will eventually – Andre van Prooijen, Holland

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ Darmah and Darmah SS

Darmah Owners Manual – Knut Wille, Norway

Darmah Parts Manual – exploded diagrams and part numbers

Darmah Workshop Manual – Graham Stoppani – UK/Jim Zuccaro – USA

Darmah SS Parts Manual – exploded diagrams and part numbers

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ S2 and MHR 900/mille

900 MHR Parts manual – Craig, UK

900 MHR Supplement to the 900/SS manual – Scott McWilliams, USA

900 S2 Parts Manual – Greg Davies, Australia

MHR and S2 (Mille) Parts Manual – Anders Hortvedt, Norway

MHR (Mille) Owners Manual – Anders Hortvedt, Norway

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ Pantah 500/600 SL and Indiana

Pantah 500SL Parts Manual – Luca Guala, Italy

Pantah 600SL Parts Manual – Luca Guala, Italy

Pantah Workshop Manual – Christopher Godfrey, USA

Ducati Indiana 350 – 650 Parts Manual – Luca Guala

http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ 750 F1

750F1 Workshop Manual – Steve Frew

Cagiva Alazzurra 350-650 Workshop Manual

Cagiva Alazzurra 350-650 Parts Manual – Luca Guala, Italy


Engine rebuild articles


Rebuilding the roundcase engine – Willy Gonnason, USA

Rebuilding the squarecase engine – Classic Mechanics magazine – Marcus Chang

Part I – Rebuilding a broken Duke
Part II – The tear down continues
Part III – Tearing down the bottom end
Part IV– What’s the damage
Part V – Setting up the desmo valve gear
Part VI – Top end tear down
Part VII – Rebuilding the bottom end
Part VIII – Completing the bottom end
Part IX – Finishing up
Part X – Back on the road

Walker’s comments – on above big end rebuild

Walker on rebuilding the 860 motor – his own article from Classic Mechanics magazine

Setting desmo valve clearances – Ducati twins – Godfrey DiGiorgi

Desmo valve job – Ducati singles – article from Popular Cycling 1970 – Steve Brown

Timing Degree Wheel – Jeff Cohen, Australia



tuning, jetting, parts manuals, exploded diagrams etc for DellOrto carbs


DellOrto Tuning Guide – the factory manual, everything you need to know about your DellOrto carbs – includes 32 diagrams

Factory Jetting Guide – selecting the right jets, floats, atomizers, and slides.

Needles Charts – needles sizing for DellOrto carbs. – Jon Houston / Phil Hitchcock

Dellorto Needle Profiles – Wolfgang Haerter

How to correctly set the float levels – how to and height chart

Factory set ups for singles – by model – Alan Moseley

Exploded diagrams – photos and parts lists for:



DellOrto PHM 38-40 mm – Factory workshop manual – Lloyd MacLean



factory service and repair manuals


Marzocchi Forks – Factory service and rebuild manual – Luca Guala, Italy

Marzocchi AG Strada – Factory rebuild manual – Paul LeClair, Canada

download zip file of all, suitable for printing



interesting stuff from other bevel owners


Ducati 1973 – 1997 – Listed by type, number manufactured, and year

Times of adventure – 1957 – Tartarini rides 175 Ducati around the world

Ducati Postcard – neat postcard featuring a couple of cool singles in the Italian countryside

Paul Smart – Autographed commemorative postcard, got this from the man himself at DRA 2001

Gavin Gonsal – buckle owner – 5000 m up the Himalayas – 2001

GTSrule – 100,000 km on a 860 GTS – submitted by Ron Verweij

Metisse 860 frame kits – Dave Gooch

DOT-5 brake fluid in Brembo brake systems: TSW Vehicle Concepts – submitted by Mark Kaczmarczyk

IMPORTANT: All brembo braking products use natural-rubber base seals, andtherefore are INCOMPATIBLE with DOT-5 SILICONE-based brake fluids.

DOT-5 SILICONE-based fluids react with natural-rubber seals to swell themWHICH CAN CAUSE SEVERE PISTON RETRACTION PROBLEMS. There is no cure forproblems caused by DOT- 5 use other than complete seals replacement -USE ONLY DOT-3/4 NON-SILICONE TYPE FLUIDS in your brembo components.

(Yes, we know the cap on the rectangular mastercylinders says DOT 3 – 5 Fluids – BUT PLEASE NOTE: SiliconeDOT- 5 fluids are NOT generally in use in Europe, but Glycol-basedDOT-5.1 fluids ARE. Hence, the DOT-5 cap designation)

For best braking performance, they recommend changing brake fluid twice a year. If the machine is to be stored in a damp environment (over the winter,say), they recommend installing fresh fluid before and after the storageperiod. At minimum service levels, glycol brake fluids MUST becompletely changed at intervals not to exceed a period of 18 months.

K&N Filters Flow Bench Data Chart, with various setups – Kevin Bracken

Making a flywheel puller – for the MHR Mille (with diagrams) – Anders Hortvedt, Norway

Wheel lacing – article from Popular Cycling 1970 – Steve Brown – I do mine the same way except I mount my wheels vertically and use a dial indicator for trueing rather than just a pointer

Fix the 750 ignition system Want to run spark and lights at the same time! – here’s how – Cycle Magazine 1977 – Lloyd Maclean

Neutral indicator Need to fix a worn or unreliable neutral indicator – here’s the diagram for the cam – Wolfram Hage

Replacing dash lights with LEDs – a step by step how to – Knut Wille

Ballast Resistors Understanding how they work – Lloyd Maclean

Brake master cylinder to wheel cylinder ratios – the secret for finding great brake “feel” – from Vintage Brakes, California

Lockheed master cylinder modification – Original Chris Ghent – additions Chris Haywood

High Performance Gasoline – article from Popular Hot Rodding – the ins and outs of octane

Change oil every 1000 miles – The end to the dreaded “OIL THREAD” – and NOT just because it says to in the owners manual, but substantive research into the old oil question – Motorcycle Consumer News

Some more words regarding oil – James DeRaeve

Fork oil see owners manuals above for volumes for specific models. – Oil weight can and will vary with personal preference in terms of stiffness vs. ride comfort. Simply put lighter oils produce a softer ride, thicker increase stiffness. Thicker, heavier weight oil, increases dampening, slowing fork compression. Suspension travel is usually not changed, but the time it takes to move that distance is increased with thicker oils. Therefore heavier weight oils will reduce the tendency for the front end to dive under braking, but at the cost of ride comfort. You will feel the bumps. Personal choice thing. Typical fork oil weights are 5w – 25w. Many bikes including bevels (see owners manuals) are spec’d for ATF (transmission fluid) in the forks, generally accepted to be equivalent to 15w

“mirror mirror on the wall who’s the oddest Ducati of all?”

Oddest Ducati ? – Phil’s 20 hp outboard Ducati!!!

Prototype V4 cases and covers – Phil Hitchcock


Articles and Books

Ducati Books – By no means the definitive list , and not in any order of preference, just some of the books I have found useful and or interesting… go to books

Magazine Articles – classic, period, and or out of print


Is Your Scrambler Fast Enough – pics from Italian magazine “Moto Tecnica” – Luca

Did you seize your Pantah’s vertical cylinder – more pics – “Moto Tecnica” – Luca

Narrow Case 12 Volt Conversion – Motorcycle Mechanics – Jon Krocker

Odds on Duke – The Mike Hailwood Replica – Superbike magazine – Brenard Fanning

Hailwood’s Honda 6 cylinder – Cycle World magazine – Brenard Fanning

A very special special – May 1980 Superbike magazine – Brenard Fanning

Devine Right To Be Different – Ducati 750 Sport – Superbike magazine – Rodger Harrison

Luigi’s Hammer – 107 hp 160 mph Duke – Superbike magazine – Bernard Fanning

Last Real Bike – Zenyata Ducati from Superbike magazine – Bernard Fanning

Yellow Hammer – Harris framed Darmah custom from Superbike magazine

Ducati SS vs Guzzi LeMans – interesting article from Feb ’85 Superbike magazine

750 GT quick service – article from Motorcycle Mechanic September ’75

Millemono – period monoshock Mille article, Superbike Magazine

900 SS desmo – 1978 article, Cycle Magazine – from Rodger Harrison

Ducati GT 750 Article – “Motociclismo” November 1971 – Luca Guala

The Supreme Sportster, Ducati 750 Sport – “Two Wheels” October 1974 – Australia

750 Sport – great article from “Italian Motorcycles” Magazine – Richo Roundcase

Hanging off – The in’s and out’s and where’s and why’s of hanging off, all the science you need in language anyone can understand, great article – Dave Hough – BMW Owners Club Magazine

Tuning Yourself For The Twisties – article by Mike Brown

Darmah – Motorcycle Classics Magazine Article – Gene Rankin

Birth of the Ducati V Twin – article from “Streetbike” magazine – by Ian Falloon – John Clifton

The California Hot Rod – Cycle Magazine – the Cook Neilson 750 race bike, the bike that made Ducati’s name in North America, in his own words – Lloyd Maclean

One Good Season – Cycle Magazine – Cook Neilson on his ’75 season, great photos and a great read – Lloyd Maclean

Darkest Secrets Revealed – Cycle Magazine’77 – Cook Neilson reveals the secrets of what made the Hot Rod so fast – Lloyd Maclean

One for the Road – 1973 Cycle Magazine on the ’72 750 Sport, very interesting – Shawn Rodgers

750 Sport – 1987 Classic Bike Magazine “classic test” on the 750 Sport – Shawn Rodgers

Walker on desmodromics – article from Classic Mechanics magazine – Marcus Chang

Bearings: Part 1 – article from Classic Mechanics magazine – Marcus Chang

Darmah – article from “Streetbike” magazine – by Ian Falloon – John Clifton

Ducati Darmah 900SD – April 1980 Cycle Magazine

A Racing Darmah down under – from Performance Streetbike – Jon Houston

Paul Smart’s Imola winning 750 – from Classic Bike Magazine

Darmah Queen – great article from Moto Retro magazine – Damian Adams

1972 750 Sport – The rarest of the rare? photo and information – Raul Biascoechea

250 desmo – by Dave Minton – great article with photos and wonderful period advertisements – from “Two Wheels ’75” – forgot who sent this in, email me and I’ll credit you

Mick Walker Motor Cycles – 1975 Advertisement – love him or hate him you’ve got to see this. Not responsible for injuries resulting from viewing this ad.

Period advertisement – must be ’75 as there are still singles and the “stop press” news is the wonderful new 860GT!

900SS and 900 MHR – Ad from Superbike 1980 – Bernard Fanning

Period ad for Darmah – Bernard Fanning

Period UK Ducati ad Mick Walker, Sport Motor Cycles, Bryant’s

Another period UK ad – interesting to compare the then new bike prices

MHR period UK ad – the bike born out of a legend

MHR – poster from Superbike magazine 1982 – Bernard Fanning, UK


Original sales literature


900 SS “cutaway” diagramJordan

Posters’69 Mach 1, ’74 350 Desmo, ’73 750 GT, ’74 750 Sport, ’72 750 Imola Racer

6 Page 60’s Sales Brochure – Featuring: Cadet 100, 160 Monza Junior, 250 Monza, 250 Mark 3, 250 Scrambler, 350 Sebring – Ron Walters

750GT factory sales brochure – Awesome original 8 page foldout – James DeRaeve

2 750 GT PostersLuca Guala

860cc – Poster – Rodger Harrison

50 FalconTom Meadows backside

65 100 CadetTom Meadows backside

250 350 450 DesmoJordan

125 Broncosmall

250 Monzasmall

350 Desmosmall

Elite 200Seth Dorfler

250 Mach ISeth Dorfler

250 RoadRalph Poole backside

250 350 Mk3Dpoor condition sorry

250 Diana Mk3Tom Meadows backside

250 Diana Mk3Tom Meadows backside

250 ScramblerTom Meadows backside

450 DesmoBerliner ad, just plain scary

Apollo D/B V/4Seth Dorfler backside

750 GTShawn Rogers backside

750 GTSeth Dorfler backside

750 GTRene Waters

75 750 SS SquarecaseSeth Dorfler backside

75 900 SS Seth Dorfler

73 750 SportLuca Guala

750 SportShawn Rogers backside

76 860 GTSeth Dorfler backside

77 860 GTSRene Waters

78 900 GTSRene Waters backside

78 900 SSRene Waters backside

79 900 SSRalph Poole backside

78 DarmahSeth Dorfler backside

79 Darmahbackside

Darmah 900 and 900 SSRalph Poole inside 1 inside 2 backside

79 900SS and 900 MHRHans Melberg inside backside

Mike Hailwood Replica 900Rene Waters backside

81 900 SSbackside

900 S2Brian Norrie Inside backside

Mille S2Brian Norrie Inside backside

Ducati brochure covervarious models, MHR, S2, TT1, Pantah

600SL Pantah

Pantah 600 Policesmall

F1AJeff Kilinski backside

750 F1 4 page original sales brochure – Steve Frew

F1 PrototypeNiclas Cederlund


Some authentic Italian recipes

translations by Luca Guala

This was an idea of Luca’s to share some authentic Italian recipes with some authentic Italian bike nuts. He’s translating and sending me recipes that his girlfriend Antonia makes, Sue and I are trying them, and then posting them here. The ones we have tried so far are excellent, there are perks to doing this website.

I am presenting the recipes exactly as Luca sends them, try them just the way he describes, his English is great, and some of the subtle nuances in his translations are delightful, thank you so much Luca. What a great idea.

Pasta alla Bolognese – wonderful, this is the real thing from Bologna, try it, it’s great

Pasta al pesto Genovese – a real treat and Luca says a typical recipe from Genoa

Tiramisu – if you’ve never had real Tiramisu you don’t know what you’ve been missing…

Hiroshi made Tiramisu – ‘it’s very sweet and nice but a little bitter like bevel driven Ducati’


Need more…

I don’t like putting links to other sites for one reason… half the time they don’t work, sites shut down or move and the links are no good, so you’re on your own with these…

Livio Lodi – Curator – Ducati Museum, Bologna
Via A. Cavalieri Ducati 3
40132 Bologna, Italy
Tel. +39 (0)51 6413259
Fax +39 (0)51 6413113
e-mail – [email protected]

Ducati Owners Club of Canada


That’s it!

If you have information you think would be of interests to other beveldrive Ducati owners and would like to have it posted here, feel free to send mail to:

[email protected]


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