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Moto Insurance?

A company is offering it for you

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The following is from Desert Southwest Insurance…

Desert Southwest Insurance is now pleased to offer the XSI insurance program. XSI was founded by Extreme and Action Sports Athletes who understand the importance of insurance. With XSI offered by Desert Southwest Insurance Brokers you are covered 24/7 whether you are participating in a sport of walking down the street. XSI pays you directly for your injuries.

Xtreme Sports Insurance (XSI) offers supplemental accident insurance to anyone who participates in action or extreme sports. You are covered 24/7 with XSI whether you fall off your skateboard, crash at the track or break your ankle walking down stairs. Unlike traditional health insurance that typically only covers routine medical expenses, XSI provides a cushion to help you offset expenses that really add up. Injuries are expensive, but they don¹t have to set you back. XSI can assist you with supplemental insurance that reimburses you with cash for incidentals such as co-pays, emergency room stays, broken bones and physical therapy. XSI will even reimburse you for lost wages from taking time off work.

What Does XSI Cover?
XSI covers out-of-pocket medical expenses if you are injured or have an accident. Need to get that fractured leg fixed? Hobbling around on some crutches? With a plan from XSI, we¹ll pay you a pre-determined amount for specific injuries.

Who buys XSI?
Anyone who participates in any beginner, intermediate or expert level of sports is covered by XSI. We cover nearly all sports imaginable from motocross, snowboarding to football. This includes children, adults, families, coaches, associations, groups, employees, professionals, weekend warriors and vacationers.

Please visit Moto Insurance Now at for more information and to get a quote.


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1 day, 8 hours ago

G r

Glad to see it. Too bad this coverage comes a little late for several riders I can think of though. Better late than never and a welcome addition. AMA, ever think of carring insurance on your pro riders? Jerry McCommons Pittsburgh, PA