DoubleBates Headlamp Assembly

where to get them:
go to Streetworks – Streetfighter Workshop @
order from their online catalogue, the double bates style lights – matte black finish.
currently is selling for $137.95 the price includes shipping.

tools needed :
philips screw driver
6mm allen wrench
5/16 allen wrench
wire stripers
wire crimpers

(1) remove the 2 large 5/16 allen bolts retaining the headlamp to the headlamp bracket.

(2) loosen the 4 small 6mm allen bolts, remaining on each of the headlamp brackets.

(3) the O.E. headlamp will slide out of it’s brackets.

(4) remove 2 philips screws retaining the chrome headlamp ring to the black shell.

(5) seperate the front half (lens and chrome ring) of the headlamp assembly, from the back half (black shell)
of the headlamp assembly.

(6) disconnect the electrical connector from the headlamp bulb.

(7) remove all the wiring harnesses from the headlamp shell.
(8) tidy up all the wiring harnesses that is now loose from out of the headlamp shell, leaving the headlamp
electrical connector accessible.

(9) time to do some wiring up, 1st depending on the configurations you plan on using, pick one of the 3 setups
shown in the wiring diagrams. take note: the red dots on the wiring diagrams “indicate a spade connector/connection”.
note: in the wiring diagrams, I used the color gray to represent the white wires. also make all wiring changes to
the double bates headlamp wiring, leave all O.E. wiring unchanged so swapping the headlamp system
back over to the O.E. headlamp setup will be a snap.
other wiring notes: I used insulated spade connectors.
1* the white wire has voltage, when the low beam is turned on
2* the yellow wire has voltage, when the high beam is turned on
3* the black w/white stripped wire, is the ground circuit.
4* the connector on the double bates headlamp mates up perfectly with the O.E. headlamp
5* I taped up all the wiring on the double bates headlamp so the colored wiring wouldn’t
stand out behind the headlamp assembly, leaving the spade connectors accessible if I
want to change configurations easily.

(10) as aussiehornet had mentioned, add rubber orings to the bolts, in-between the headlamp assembly and the
headlamp brackets – tighten all 4 headlamp bracket 6mm allen bolts.

(11) aiming the headlamps – assuming aiming headlamps on a motorcycle, should be the same as an automobile …
1* measure the height of the headlamps, with the motorcycle standing up straight, measure from the
floor/ground up to the center of the headlamp. ( I measured about 33″ inches on mine) now on a wall
(that you have a clear path of 25 feet between the bike and the wall) mark 33″ inches or the height you
prevously measured. place the bike 25 feet from the wall and aim the headlamps no higher than the mark
you made. as for me I’ll be running the headlamps on high, so as not to blind anyone, I aimed mine at
about 30″ inches high.
2* now tighten the headlamp mounting bolts.

(12) more or less the hardest part is finding a place for all that wiring, that was hiden inside the O.E headlamp
shell. to help hide some of the wiring I lift up my gas tank and pulled back about 10″ inches of the main
wiring harness that comes back from the headlamp area to the right side of the frame, relocated the
rubber sleeve and postioned the harness under the radiator hose to keep it place – see pictures
use black zip ties and position the wiring behind the headlamps & zip tie into place.

**other info:
each headlamp capsule contains 1- H4 12V 60/55W E13 halogen bulb(low/high beam), and 1- 194 bulb (running lamp)
I am going to put 194NA bulbs in mine, the NA part stand for the color amber