carbs gsx

When I have to take the carbs off the G, I usually unbolt the airbox so I can shift it back a bit for more room. I don’t have the original clutch line anymore so that doesn’t get in the way and gives just a bit more room.

If I have trouble putting them back on, I take out the battery holder and air filter so I can reach inside the airbox and guide those little buggers back over the carb ends. Sometimes the middle ones don’t want to go on very far and put a curve the airbox… this fixes that problem. Then while holding the airbox against the carbs, tighten the clamps on the middle carbs. This levels it all out.

The clamps between the head and fuel injectors on my 07 bandit have a nice feature. They are ganged together with one long screw and a spacer. So as you tighten what seems to be the outside hose clamp, you are actually tightening both the inner and outside clamps at the same time.

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Rubber hoses there ! yes, 4 ! Ive changed and put in place these often (GSWR, GSXF and… G ) but I could not really find the “easy way” to fit them well and quickly, any idea? Warm them, buy new ones…yes, sure, but these are not easy tricks! Please give me the good one that makes me dream of next time I have to play with them…