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Early seventies Scuderia R.O. began with the conversion , making a special frame , tuning and other adjustments , including a special stronger telescopic fork and tune a BMW two -valve boxer engine OHV. The two valve has originally a displacement of 750 cc . Partly due to the underlying camshaft and shaft drive (all with power loss ) not usual choice . As a street bike , this boxer known as the Gummi Kuh .
After a rest period of several years, in the early eighties the two valve with a Upside Down fork and a six-speed gearbox .
After tuning the two valve reached a capacity of 1100 cc with the rear + / – 100 hp at 8500 rpm and a top speed at 260 km / h .
It was no use of existing booster kits supplied by the factory .
Special is that there’s never worked in production .
After the two -valve being tuned was ( there could be no more power removed ) in the nineties continued to develop the new entrant to the market BMW Boxer 4 -valve ( The Blue Baron ) which not only Dutch but also internalionale circuits was driven in such classes as Battle of the Twins , Sound of Thunder and Pro Superbikes .
In 2001, the racing ceased after Scott Richardson on his Honda CBR Fireblade on the Isle of Man a very serious accident and thereby had to miss one leg. Then it was the motivation to go completely gone further. In the same period were also classes on the program of the KNMV deleted .
Still exists Scuderia R.O. BMW if maintenance and sale and is also still active in the field of light tuning for street bikes .