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* Brembo Brake Parts *
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Complete new Brembo F08 and P108 calipers, 15mm master cylinders and rebuild kits for all….. in stock and ready to ship for your bevel drive twin.

Alla’Azurra etc F05 caliper rebuild parts ~ I stock seal kits, pistons, bleed screws and standard pads. New 12mm front Master cylinders in stock and 12mm rebuild kits for your originals along with 11mm rebuild kits for your rear master cylinder or single caliper front F05 applications.

Some Alla’Azurra as well as F1 came with 15mm clutch master cylinders. Click HERE to see a photo – I have the rebuild kits for these oddball masters @ $32 ea.

The rebuild parts shown and listed below are what I carry in stock unless otherwise noted and constitute everything that could be needed to fully rebuild your F08 or P108 caliper along with master cylinder rebuild parts. Be aware that the F08 calipers came in a few different styles and mounting applications but all rebuild parts are universal to F08, both old style and new [except bleed screws]. The new F08 calipers ONLY fit on Marzocchi forks or on all rear DUCATI applications because the mounting bolts pass through the caliper and thread into the fork leg or mounting bracket. They also have only one bleed screw [not that it makes any difference in performance]. Make sure this is what you need before ordering a new set of F08 calipers! The P108 calipers will replace your Lockheed and Scarab calipers on your bevel drive Ducati and other makes as well.

F08 calipers have 38mm pistons, 108mm mount centers
F05 calipers have 32mm pistons, 94mm mount centers – smaller version of F08

Not sure what you need? CALL or eMail us!

Below are just SOME of the repair parts we stock for BREMBO brakes………
[this page will be evolving daily until all of our stock is posted] Bleed Screw – Stainless Steel – Brembo M6 x 1.0 fits dual F08, F08 etc

stainless steel bleed screws for older BREMBO F08 and F05 calipers with dual bleed screws M6 x 1.0 thread. These also fit lots of newer BREMBO calipers and master cylinders with the same pitch. Sold EACH Pin & Spring Kit – Stainless Steel – Brembo F08 & P108 Calipers

Center caliper pin and spring in stainless steel [no pad pins]. Choose the appropriate kit. The 26mm kit is standard F08 / P108 and the smaller 24mm kit fits ONLY the ealry ‘shaved’ F08 calipers found on some early SS models. Banjo Bolt w/Bleed Screw, aluminum
1 line application ~ $9.00 ea
[includes 2 crush washers]
[M10 x 1.0 thread – fits all Brembo parts] Banjo Bolt w/Bleed Screw, aluminum
2 line application ~ $10.00 ea
[includes 3 crush washers]
[M10 x 1.0 thread – fits all Brembo parts Aluminum Banjo Bolt ~ $8.00 ea
[includes 2 crush washers]
For Brembo single brake line setup Aluminum Banjo Bolt ~ $9.00 ea
[includes 3 crush washers]
For Brembo double brake line setup Brembo Banjo Bolt ~ $8.20 ea
[chrome steel, includes 2 crush washers]
Fits ALL Ducati applications
[calipers and Master Cylinders]
For single brake line setup only Bleed Screw – dual F08, F05

F05/F08 Bleed Screws ~ Fits DUAL bleed screw F08 only, 8mm head. Incl: 1 bleeder screw & 1 rubber cap Bleed Screw – Single F08 – P108

F08/P108 Bleed Screws * Fits SINGLE bleed screw F08 & P108 calipers only, 11mm head * [incl: 1 bleeder screw & 1 rubber cap] Rubber bleed screw caps ~ $1.80 ea
[Fits dual & single bleed screw F08 screws]
* Rubber cover on top of bleed screw – 2 styles available * Brembo F08 Seal Kit – 38mm piston size

This kit includes: piston seals, dust seals, Oring, assembly lube & Bolts for 1 BREMBO F08 caliper – 38mm piston size. Brembo Pistons – F08 38mm

These are the new style BREMBO pistons – teflon coated aluminum pistons mean no more rust and smoother action. These pistons are backwards compatible with all previous versions of 38mm F08 calipers. Kit provides pistons for one caliper. Brembo Pistons – F05 32mm

Brembo F05 piston kit – these are the new style teflon coated aluminum 32mm pistons so they don;t rust up like the old steel ones. Found on Alla’azurra & smaller italian bikes, F05 is the baby brother of F08 – they look almost identical to the F08 but have smaller 2 x 32mm Pistons & 94mm mount centers. Brembo F05 Seal Kit – 32mm piston size

F05 Seal Kit – includes piston seals, dust seals, caliper O-ring and caliper bolts for 1 caliper. Found on Alla’azurra & smaller italian bikes, F05 is the baby brother of F08 – they look almost identical to the F08 but have smaller 2 x 32mm Pistons & 94mm mount centers. Pin & Spring Kit [+ black pad pins] – Brembo standard F08 + P108

New pins not only look great but help your brake pads to move freely. These or factory BREMBO pins, black anodized so are resistant to rust etc. It seems that in Italy, thay can;t do any more CAD plating so everything that was silver, is now either chromed or black… Kit includes 2 pins, center spring and center pin for one caliper. These fil all standard F08 and P108 calipers with 26.5mm spacing between caliper halves – these do NOT fit the narrow [shaved] F08 calipers found on early 900SS….. Stainless Steel Pin & Spring Kit – standard F08/P108 ~ $42.95
This kit contains pins and spring for one BREMBO F08 or P108 caliper – all parts shown are made of stainless steel so they will look great forever. These work on ALL F08 and P108 with 26mm pad opening EXCEPT the narrower shaved 900SS F08 calipers….. Stainless Steel Pin & Spring Kit – thin F08, 900SS ~ $42.95
This stainless steel pin and spring kit fits ONLY the special narrow or ‘shaved’ F08 calipers found on early 900SS. These calipers have no BREMBO logo on the outside and have been narrowed down to reduce weight etc – these calipers also require a special thinner brake pad and also have 23.5mm between the caliper halves. 1 kit will set up 1 caliper. Brembo F08 Pad Cover – dual bleed screw type

This pad cover fits on all dual bleeder F08 brembo calipers except those found on bevel drive 900SS Ducati [shaved]. Brembo F08 Pad Cover – single bleed screw type

This caliper pad cover fits all Brembo F08 & P108 calipers that have only 1 bleed screw. Caliper Mount Bolts/Spacers

Caliper Bolts & Spacers ~ $10.00/set [1 set = 2 bolts & 2 spacers to install 1 caliper] For F08/P108 etc to install caliper onto forks or rear caliper bracket. The spacers are very thin to go between the caliper and the fork or bracket. These really dress up your caliper….

.5mm thick stainless spacers available separately also Brembo 11mm M|C Rebuild Kit

Brembo 11mm master cylinder rebuild kit – usually a rear brake application, this fits alla’azzura etc. Brembo 12mm M|C Rebuild Kit

Brembo 12mm master cylinder rebuild kit – this fits alla’azzura front master cylinders etc. Brembo 13mm Clutch M|C Kit

13mm clutch master cylinder rebuild kit – found on must Ducati and other Italian bikes. Brembo 15mm [rec-resv] MC Kit

This is a rebuild kit for the 15mm master cylinder I sell with the rectangular reservoir. THis master cylinder was used throughout the 90’s on many Italian bikes.. Brembo 15mm Brake M|C Kit

15mm Master Cylinder Kit ~ Rebuild kit for FRONT or REAR round resv. master cylinders on your bevel drive Ducati; Darmah, 900SS, MHR etc 15mm M|C seal install tool

This is a special tool I designed to press the special crush washer correctly into the end of your 15mm BREMBO master cylinder when installing a rebuild seal and piston kit. The tool will exert equal pressure on the washer so that it doesn’t potatoe chip causing poor or no sealing. A must have when doing your brakes. Master Cylinder Reservoir Cup ~ $19.29
For front round vintage 15mm master cylinders
Includes new: cup & mounting hardware Brake Pads – F08 – EBC Organic compound

Fits all F08 BREMBO calipers [900SS, 860, Darmah, Sport, 750GT etc]. EBC “GG” rated high brake effect organic pad blended with aramid fibres as used in bullet proof vests and the space shuttle. These pads give good mileage and eliminate rotor galling and are suitable for all street applications. Primarily for cast iron rotors but work well with stainless steel also. F08/P108 “Standard” Brake Pads 8.7mm ~ $23.25/set
F08 “thin” Brake Pads 8.3mm ~ $45.50/set
<for 900SS shaved F08 calipers>
[“set” incl: 2 BREMBO brake pads for 1 caliper] Pads – F08/P108 – Galfer Greens – 8.7mm – $42.50/set
Pads – Galfer Greens for “shaved” F08 calipers – 8.3mm – $73.29/set
Galfer “greens” are designed for the cast iron rotors found on all our bevel drives – they work equally well on the more modern stainless steel disks too. These pads are aggressive in nature, and provide a very strong bite. Brembo Racing “LCF 600 plus” brake fluid – 500ml bottle. Perfect for natural rubber Brembo seals. Brembo Crush Washers

10mm ID Crush Washers * Fits all BREMBO banjo bolts * brake switches * Copper or Aluminum – please specify in the drop down menu! Typically you use aluminum crush washers with aluminum banjo bolts, the copper washers are used for brake switches and steel banjo bolts. Please specify also the quantity you need as they are sold each [1. M|C Clamp – standard, fits late M|C

Master Cylinder Clamp – standard style [no mirror mount] Fits the new style rectangular resv. master cylinders I stock. M|C Clamp – late model w/mirror mount

Master Cylinder Clamp w/mirror mount [LH thread] Fits the rectangular resv. master cylinders I stock here.

Speed Bleeder 2 pack – 10mm x 1.0

Built in check valve really helps get things bled quickly, and with 1 person easier. These fit the later single bleed screw style BREMBO F08 calipers. Sold in pairs [2]. Brembo Manifold Plug w/Bleed Nipple

10mm x 1.0 thread – same as a Brembo banjo bolt. Use this on a manifold instead of the plug because it has a bleed nipple on it to get rid of air that is trapped. A nice little add-on. Comes complete as shown with the plug, bleeder, rubber cap and special crush washer.

Click HERE for a Caliper & Master Cylinder cross reference chart for DUCATI

The items listed above are what I have in stock and on hand. I can also special order anything that Brembo produces for your vintage or modern bike along with their huge line of automotive products… Please call with your needs.

* BevelHeaven is an official US BREMBO dealer we buy direct from BREMBO *

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