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http://2wheelwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Check out this killer fully restored 1986 Honda CR500R! This is an iconic beast in the open class. Fun fact, in 1986 David Bailey rode his Honda CR500R at the Motocross Des Nations and dominated.

This bike belongs to Rick of Rockwall, Texas. The list of new parts on this bike is about a mile long. Here is Rick’s description of his bike:

The engine has been rebuilt including new piston and rings, crankshaft, clutch pack and baskets, all engine bearings and seals, and new gears in transmission. The frame has been powder coated, it has new swing arm bearings and seals and steering bearings. New plastics on the bike include a new fuel tank, new side panels and front number plates and radiator shrouds.

This CR has a new air filter, seat cover, rebuilt calipers, brake pads, hose and cables. New OEM kick starter and gears, OEM shifter, OEM rear brake lever, clutch and front brake lever, rebuilt front master cylinder, aluminum handle bars, and pro taper grips. The rear brake has been rebuilt and has new brake pads. The FMF pipe is coupled with a DG silencer and the bike also features custom foot-pegs, new throttle and clutch cables, and a new throttle housing and tube.


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April 18th, 2012

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