Ducati Technical Section

Ducati Technical Section

Technical articles

You will find here all the technical articles that were writtenwhile we were preparing Ducati's. Now we specialise in slipperclutches forall makes of bikes these pages are kept as a record of our pastadventures and as a service to the Ducati ridingcommunity.

There is a bunch of stuff common to all Ducati's, each articlefocuses on one technical aspect and then on the bike itself …………Enjoy!

So what is a FullMonty? 

The SIGMA SlipperClutch – The most under-rated accessory?

– how to help your Ducati into corners…… 

TheSIGMA Competition Slipper Clutch Range for Ducati's, Honda's,Suzuki's, Yamaha's & MV Agusta's

Desmo Duerules – What and Why?

WeberFuel Injection – Everything you ever wanted to know aboutFuel Injection but were afraid to ask 

– How a Fuel Injection system works …

Weber – Ultimaps & Megazones

– Fuel Injected Motorcycles adjustable Fuel Maps; a guide for theuninitiated 

TheService Interval, The Track Day & TheRacer – There's no such thing as a freelunch

– Why Care and attention works…… 

Rockers –who needs 'em?

– something we try not to mention in polite company; but acompulsory read for a 4 valve owner 

Suspension –A Racer's View

– so who is Jon Cornwell and why should wecare??

Suspension& Chassis – A Bench Racer's Guide

– a guide to all those little adjusters you have just been dying toplay with…. 


Monster S4

Doing the Monster Mash…


900 2 Valve

Sorting out Ducati's timeless twin… 


Ducati 996Bip Racer

Modifying the cam timing in search ofa free lunch…


Ducati 853R

Bore = Excitement


Ducati ST4

Tourer special edition; playing withmufflers and airboxes

The Gentleman'sExpress

Ducati 853Bip

How a big bore can be the mostinteresting thing on (in?) the block

The best bike Ducati nevermade?

Ducati Testastretta

How to get your roadbike /racer onSuperstock pole at the first attempt 

998sTrack Preparation

So what'sdifferent about the Ducati Testastretta?

Doug Lofgren's article -Ducati's new superbike engine – the'Testastretta'

Ducati 916 Senna

Track day special, how does squishaffect the engine performance?

916 Senna

Ducati 748RS00

Our year 2000 racebike; how doDucati's make power for the racetrack?

The 748R and its RacingBrother – the 748RS 

So when you buy a race bike, what doyou get?


Ducati 996SPS

A racer gets the Full Montytreatment


Now, if you wanted to make your Bipreally get up and go ……. 


Ducati 996BIP

A once and for all clean up of theengine settings makes it smoother and faster

The FullMonty

Ducati 748SPS 1999

Production racing a classic sportbike; improving on the factories cam timing



Suspension& Chassis

Ducati Supermono

How fast can you go with one cylindersawn off??

Run-up toDaytona

Pretty quickly really….

Donington &Onwards